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katrina (@trinarockstarr)
trinarockstarr11.04.2019 17:58:08


Follow GOD (@candiceboyd)
candiceboyd11.04.2019 19:17:10


Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill11.04.2019 17:29:13


carlynecerfdedudzeele #CCD (@carlynecerfdedudzeele)
carlynecerfdedudzeele13.04.2019 01:48:44


🅐🅙 🏄🏾‍♂️✨ (@askaboutaaj)
askaboutaaj11.04.2019 17:55:18

For anyone being slick in the comments and trying to make rih mourning his death a JOKE. Please hush Rih recently just lost her cousin to gun violence and we may never know how this death affected her! She don’t owe use anything or any explanation at the end of the day anyways . Rest In Peace to Nipsey & Strength to Lauren🙏🏿💙

The PalmTree (@official_palm_tree)
official_palm_tree11.04.2019 17:43:29

Such an inspirational man 🖤🌴

Nikkolas Smith (@nikkolas_smith)
nikkolas_smith11.04.2019 17:42:55

Thank you Miss Ri🙏🏾🏁📚🎒 Prints are now available on my Nikkolas.Art website with 100% proceeds going to Nipsey's "Too Big To Fail" STEM program

Ruthish 🦋proud Gal Asmara 🇪🇷 (@diangel2833_)
diangel2833_11.04.2019 17:27:31

💔 I wish he can see all these love 😢😢😢🏁

THE LEADER (@banks.javon)
banks.javon11.04.2019 17:26:15

this is like three post too many robyn 👀 what is going on??‼️‼️

quinn🌙 (@bluestquinn)
bluestquinn11.04.2019 17:34:21


Hueys Spam (@sluthuey)
sluthuey11.04.2019 17:25:25

Ok girl we get it

Golden Glamour✨ (@xariahashantae)
xariahashantae11.04.2019 17:25:48

Don’t feel guilt that you didn’t do the song, things happen you were a great friend

laurah (@laurahfor)
laurahfor11.04.2019 17:54:01

Rihanna acting like she was Nipsey’s side chic

₆⁶₆ (@iuerson)
iuerson11.04.2019 17:25:45

Girl... hang it up.

Yhla (@poqseap)
poqseap11.04.2019 17:26:07

i dont imagine the pain of rih when chris will be dead

Lily woude (@kongiet)
kongiet11.04.2019 17:34:03


You were the child who hustled on the same lot
Never knowing it was the place you get shot
You never left the hood where you were raised
No matter what you owned or what you made
You named your store “Marathon” and you weren’t a runner
You stayed with your roots to help your sister and brother
You touched us with your music and golden voice
You stood with those who lost hope and had no choice
You were a champion with dreams and a plan
You lent a hand wherever you can
You could’ve easily left to be anywhere
A status of celebrity and the entire glare
Stayed in the hood to halt the warfare
You had a vision for the neighborhood
You built playground to do some good
You were the pillar and an activist
Your kind deeds too many to list
When your bullet ridden body hit the ground
The world heard your falling sound
Crenshaw and Slauson your child is killed
The one who came to resurrect and rebuild
Life was beginning to flourish hope was coming alive
Crenshaw lost a son with unwavering drive

You gave birth to dreams and hope
To educate and eradicate the use of dope
Hope and vision won’t die on this lot
Not an accident but a preconceived plot
My brothers and sisters Nipsey has died at thirty three
The one who had plans to set us all free
From a life of abandonment a life of misery “Crenshaw redemption “ was on the way
By what Nipsey did and what he had to say
He took responsibility to right what was wrong
Putting his money where his heart felt strong
The love for his people the care he showed
Unparalleled by any a man with a heart of gold
We got robbed from seeing your “Victory lap”
We were hoping to stand and clap
The fruits of your labor and the
messages in your rap
You are an inspiration to those who come after you
Never to forget their roots in all they do
LA lost her star on Slauson Boulevard
Meaningless killing of the vanguard
Gather my brothers and sisters to pay your respect
We lost a brother who came to build😭😭😭😭😭

Mark Phillips (@supremedreams_1)
supremedreams_111.04.2019 17:26:15


quinn🌙 (@bluestquinn)
bluestquinn11.04.2019 17:26:41


𝕻𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖇𝖔𝖎 𝕭𝖆𝖗𝖇𝖎𝖊 🦋 (@playboindia)
playboindia11.04.2019 17:27:40


Edú Reis (@edu_reisneto)
edu_reisneto11.04.2019 17:25:25


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