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dannymasterson (@dannymasterson)
dannymasterson14.03.2019 03:01:21

So fruity.

davidlauren14.03.2019 02:45:10


Aravin 🤘🏽💀🤘🏽 (@aravin.h)
aravin.h14.03.2019 02:17:11

Helping red deal with his heart problems since the 70s

Karen Sproule (@galsproule)
galsproule14.03.2019 02:16:14

Your daughter is going to believe EVERYTHING you say now @aplusk  🤣

Dominique C. (@domc6)
domc614.03.2019 02:19:57

@cheerios  you guys should put like golden tickets in select boxes of Cheerios and whomever gets them gets to be on a different box? Not a bad marketing strategy...

Cheerios (@cheerios)
cheerios14.03.2019 03:15:01


Julian Joyner (@juju_don_dada)
juju_don_dada14.03.2019 02:19:44


Darian Schneider (@darijschn)
darijschn14.03.2019 02:16:57

K well you never texted me back, sooo...😂😂

KAREN DIAZ (@karengabrieladiaz)
karengabrieladiaz14.03.2019 02:15:26

*used to

Joandry Mendez (@jommendez)
jommendez14.03.2019 02:16:34

@theellenshow  you inspire Ellen. @aplusk  great way to answer your daughter’s question.... you inspire as well!!!!!

didoticious14.03.2019 02:19:42

Hahahahhahaha @theellenshow  now u r the wrong one 😂😂

SaRa SuNsHiNe 🌞 (@sara_sunshine_meredith)
sara_sunshine_meredith14.03.2019 02:15:18

Oh how I LoVe this @aplusk !!! 👍

Laura Bomers (@laurabomers)
laurabomers14.03.2019 10:06:01

Ahhh😛 @nina.wolterink 

A N T O N I O S. (@4ntonioc)
4ntonioc14.03.2019 04:24:19


Alison Eastwood (@alison.e.wood)
alison.e.wood14.03.2019 03:51:19

Hopefully your non-GMO?🤔

Nirali (@nerdrali)
nerdrali14.03.2019 02:52:19

A box of Cheerios I’d buy 😉 @jankipatelt  @lifesava00 

Muniba Mustafa (@_supermun)
_supermun14.03.2019 02:39:48

@sana.khan  yay I love @generalmills 

Ꮬ لᎧᎦᎦᎥЖaᏜ🍼🐍👻🌙🌵🔮🌈 (@babysnakes31)
babysnakes3114.03.2019 02:18:55

That’s awesome 👏🏼 🖤🐝 you have to save this box as a keepsake!

Virtual Business & Accounting (@virtual.bas)
virtual.bas16.03.2019 16:24:26

Hey! Nice gallery you have 😊 I mean I liked it 👌

Elisa Ciabatti ♡ (@eciabatti_)
eciabatti_14.03.2019 06:37:25

HAHAHAHAHAHA @smarcuzzi_ 

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