Xmas special - Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk)
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Shahelxo 25 ₩ Toronto / LA (@foundshahel)
foundshahel24.12.2018 23:23:44

Where the fuck is Rooster???

🌴 Living life to the fullest 🌴 (@pcb.brittany)
pcb.brittany24.12.2018 23:18:32

I'm watching that 70 show

Nicholas Vicens (@ennvee9three)
ennvee9three25.12.2018 00:45:33


lexichi25.12.2018 02:13:17

"I may be large but I'm no dumb cookie"

daniel kane (@kane3805)
kane380524.12.2018 23:17:55

Junkyard dogs!

hodan (@aysegul_begum_can)
aysegul_begum_can25.12.2018 00:43:42

so good🤓❤️

Sarah Gibson (@sarahhh570)
sarahhh57026.12.2018 01:11:47

Bring back rooster

Sarah Widmann (@sarahrwidmann)
sarahrwidmann25.12.2018 01:01:10

Yup! Essential for all Bears fans this holiday season!!!! 🎶“We are the Bears shuffling crew...”🎶

jillbahti (@jillbahti)
jillbahti24.12.2018 23:58:24

They call me sweetness and I like to dance...

xhi31224.12.2018 23:08:49

🐻 Down 🙏

Celina 🚶🏽 (@cp41778)
cp4177825.12.2018 20:51:59


aprileosborn (@aprileosborn)
aprileosborn25.12.2018 03:31:44

@leftygcock97  oh gah, this took me back to 5th grade and y’all “remaking” a Super Bowl shuffle 🤣

YcatStacy28 (@ycatstacy28)
ycatstacy2825.12.2018 19:55:39


mommeedeerest (@mommeedeerest)
mommeedeerest25.12.2018 01:51:39

I have that Super Bowl on VCR.

Collin Wells (@sicknastyhandle)
sicknastyhandle24.12.2018 23:38:43

@_mikebnasty_  @captainciara  Ashton Kutcher knows

David Windsor 👑 (@david_windsor__)
david_windsor__24.12.2018 23:13:01

@aplusk  Merry Christmas! -Jim

Peter Harpring (@peterharpring)
peterharpring02.01.2019 21:46:35

@dsav63  @aplusk  Ashton, you know what’s cooler than a play about the Chicago bears? Coming to Louisville to hang with the cool dudes!

GTO (@humbler_gto)
humbler_gto13.01.2019 02:04:26

Make sure to wish @supacreative  a very happy belated 🎂 🤙🌞

Regen Johnson (@regenbliss)
regenbliss09.01.2019 13:06:40

Sorry. ..Not really. Go BIRDS!! 💚🖤🏈

Rodrigo Sanchez (@el_chef_43)
el_chef_4307.01.2019 01:07:13


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