all the whips foreign while you ridin’ the Chevies
@sticktheshooter wit da 📸🔥
#fotografia #e30 #photography #droptop #foriegn #nikon #336 #hwy - @rohbs_photos
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Marco (@who_ismarco)
who_ismarco12.01.2019 18:12:18

This is mega cash🔥

Salem Davidson (@salemgrace)
salemgrace12.01.2019 18:36:59

location 👀👀

Salem Davidson (@salemgrace)
salemgrace12.01.2019 18:37:03

also dope photo

Cristian (@cristianblanno)
cristianblanno12.01.2019 19:23:20

Its a citizen now it been in the US for more than 10 years 😉 dope bro

Claire Davidson (@clairedianne)
clairedianne13.01.2019 01:04:05

Love the pic and location

Zach Brown (@zachbrown____)
zachbrown____13.01.2019 01:55:29

This is tough.

Joshua (@empire_of_sand)
empire_of_sand13.01.2019 03:04:02

What exactly am I driving ?[oo=[][]=oo]

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