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T-BONES 🌍🎥🌍 (@_t_bones)
_t_bones15.11.2018 19:35:04

Sway quit playing and Drop the🦍💪🏽 @stogie_t  the Hyaena Video fo Real 🌍🌍🌍

Sledge Rich (@sledgerich)
sledgerich15.11.2018 17:53:20

I know you probably get this a lot, but can you check out a good friend of mine’s EP (3 songs, so it’s not too long)? Si Powder- Adveristy. Also, I am following #Callowaycurated  on Spotify. Have a great day.

Sip (@sipowder)
sipowder15.11.2018 17:16:33

Just followed Callowaycurated on Spotify! Check out my 3 song EP it’s on Spotify tidal Apple Music in my bio

Gregory Luster (@blessedbcofgod)
blessedbcofgod15.11.2018 16:58:26

Just sent an email @realsway 

BIG RUNTS (@bigrunts)
bigrunts15.11.2018 16:57:34 

Jerry Hill (@pluck2020)
pluck202015.11.2018 16:27:20

💯 continuous work

Dodgr (@thelastartful)
thelastartful15.11.2018 16:23:38

S/o to that Harry & Jaden “Just Slide” making the list this week! Co-wrote that 🙋🏾‍♀️v proud 🧡

Magic With The Canon (@_kiddmagic_)
_kiddmagic_15.11.2018 16:17:51


#ROYVLS 👑 (@leighvaughnn)
leighvaughnn15.11.2018 16:12:40

I sent in my single “Party” I the Broadway Trap Queen 👑 Check Out my “Money” (LVmix) @iamcardib  💕 #money  #moneychallenge  #fnxcardib 

🥇2234 FLOOD ✖️ TooBusyWinning🥇 (@tbwsirspitta)
tbwsirspitta15.11.2018 15:56:22


***LOR | LoyaltyOvaRoyalty©®✨🌐 (@lorstirrr)
lorstirrr15.11.2018 15:55:19

Follow Me If You Like Good Music 😏✨ + +

Ed. Wavy (@ed.wavy)
ed.wavy15.11.2018 15:51:33

I gotcha next week @realsway  certified banger. Once I get art and clearance. Shid gone be esssskra wavy🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾😎

Josh 🌴 (@iamjoshdwh)
iamjoshdwh15.11.2018 15:53:41

Lets goooo Sway !!! Love 🎯🎯🎯🎯

Donald Leontye Gentry (@donofsteel)
donofsteel15.11.2018 18:35:14

@adonisxg  send something in asap.

I Am (@unochidi)
unochidi15.11.2018 18:51:49

Jus added, Listening to song on the spot wit uncle Snoop💯🔥

👑 Jae Mansa ®️👑 (@officialjaemansa)
officialjaemansa02.12.2018 08:46:12


XII (@xiionthedot)
xiionthedot18.11.2018 04:08:16

I submitted something ‼️‼️

Take_Ova_Media  🇳🇬 Chike (@takeovainc)
takeovainc17.11.2018 17:46:19

Corny energy

Yves (@iamyves__)
iamyves__15.11.2018 21:12:51

@kodieshane  “shut up” I like that song 🔥

Ason da Animal (@ason_da_animal)
ason_da_animal15.11.2018 20:35:57

Hit link in bio for mixtape

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