We’re covering all the party bases starting with biodegradable balloons. Event planner, @mindyweiss, shares where she shops for the eco-friendly ballo - Poosh (@poosh)
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Alix Lepeytre-Abelé (@alixabele)
alixabele16.05.2019 12:41:44

As wonderful as balloon decor looks, there are unfortunately no such thing as truly biodegradable balloons for the moment. They might disintegrate but it can take several years or even decades. The environnemental problem with balloons is that they are single use, hence the negative impact on our planet in terms of waste. I would rather go for reusable paper decorations like bunting, pompoms and paper lanterns that can truly be reused and are made of paper. #durabledecor 

Inga M (@snowic)
snowic15.05.2019 23:03:48

It’d be awesome to have a Poosh app

C O N V E R S E K I T T Y (@conversekitty)
conversekitty15.05.2019 22:55:47

I love that you make a difference on this planet. For the planet. But still are cute af

kris10 (@krisakreations)
krisakreations17.05.2019 01:02:33

Gahhhhh there is no such thing as balloons that are good for the planet... “biodegradable” is a fancy name to make people feel better and care less... it’s still man made trash that will exist somewhere on this planet for many many many more years after the party 😖🤢 #stopgreenwashing 

Irina Bordian (@irina.bordian.bivol)
irina.bordian.bivol16.05.2019 02:01:01

Knowing that isn’t so bad for the environment makes it more beautiful 🙈#noplanetnoparty 

Carolina (@caro_bzzz)
caro_bzzz15.05.2019 22:57:44

Biodegradable balloons 😍💖

Melissa Smith (@mrssmith850)
mrssmith85016.05.2019 12:02:06

I’d love to know some affordable party alternatives to plastic utensils and plastic cups!

Daisy Andrews (@afloridadaisy)
afloridadaisy17.05.2019 16:32:14

“Biodegradable” balloons still take many many years to break down and in that time can still harm the animals and the environment. Stop perpetuating this myth and opt for a sustainable choice instead! #balloonsblow 

Caitlyn Cain (@jcaitlyn1231)
jcaitlyn123117.05.2019 12:14:31

Biodegradable balloons are not real... they still hurt the environment. GREENWASHING!!! Flowers are beautiful by themselves and don’t need plastic balls surrounding them!!

Fausta Luna (@_4_evr)
_4_evr15.05.2019 23:18:45

Biodegradale!!!! Thank God!!!

Christy Smith (@lunakadee)
lunakadee17.05.2019 07:52:04

Yes biodegradable ballons awesome

Avis Lane Boutique (@avislane)
avislane16.05.2019 14:15:22

That’s amazing. I didn’t know there was such thing.

Ladies4 (@ladies4)
ladies417.05.2019 16:31:37

👎👎👎👎🛑🛑🛑 no such thing as biodegradable. Please promote non single use decorations

Veda (@thatpinay)
thatpinay16.05.2019 11:08:27

I just wonder what they’re made of since they can biodegrade. Would the balloons return to the soil as organic material?

Kay Brockwell (@_kaybrockwell_)
_kaybrockwell_16.05.2019 07:46:29

Yay! Eco friendly 🌏#pooshawayfromplastic 

Joanne (@joaniej231)
joaniej23116.05.2019 00:37:47

Glad to hear about biodegradable balloons. Balloons are so bad for wildlife.

Jazmine 🌻 (@creatinganewview)
creatinganewview17.05.2019 16:51:35

Not to mention all the helium wasted, party city may stop doing balloon fill ups because of helium shortage. We need helium for medical and welding, not fancy party balloons. It’s non renewable resource so we should def conserve and not waste on things like this

Tatyana (@kab_fit_)
kab_fit_15.05.2019 23:28:57

Everyday is a day for learning and growth. Everyday is a day to be better than you were before. Everyday is an opportunity to become the EXACT person you want to be. Everyday MUST be guided by the Power of Love. MAKE TODAY COUNT! 🌊☯️🌊

Gegran Irigoyen (@gegranie)
gegranie15.05.2019 22:55:47

Me encanta

Gegran Irigoyen (@gegranie)
gegranie15.05.2019 22:55:31

Thats ❤️ 🌎

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