What is your must have accessory? (Pilot or non pilot) Here are three of mine, all visible in this photo 😁
1. A pilot watch. I wear @breitling classic - Maria  Pettersson👩‍✈️ (@pilotmaria)
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instagarv01.06.2019 03:30:08

You don’t need a watch to fly and definitely not a Breitling they’re for the 1%. A Timex does the same thing

Tengku Qaseh Damia (@tengkuqasehdamia)
tengkuqasehdamia31.05.2019 16:45:06

Hppy weekend pilotmaria😊

。Michelle。Chu。 (@michutravel)
michutravel31.05.2019 16:31:28

Sunglasses, my giraffe, and comfy pillow

Mareen | Cologne | Germany (@miss.everywhere)
miss.everywhere31.05.2019 16:12:05

Ahh watch too but I forget it everywhere 😃😃 and sunnies of course 💖

Сергей Васильцов (@sergeyvasiltsov)
sergeyvasiltsov31.05.2019 15:21:27

I see you wear a white watch with black indicators.
Is a black watch with white indicators allowed for a pilot? I remember smart watch (Apple Watch and other) is not allowed.

thegreatsmurf (@thegreatsmurf)
thegreatsmurf31.05.2019 15:04:59

who needs a watch while sinking in ur smile 😉

Caroline Pearce (@carolinepearce)
carolinepearce31.05.2019 15:01:52

Sunglasses, ear pods and eye drops ha! Xo

Amanda Burke (@amanda_b17x)
amanda_b17x31.05.2019 15:01:19

Amazing shot of you... L❤ve Breitling 👌🏼

Maggie (@laham.maggie)
laham.maggie31.05.2019 15:01:09

I love the airplane 😂🙈 it’s a must for you. I can’t leave without my sunglasses really, not for looks but for their use

Courtney (@courtneypilot)
courtneypilot31.05.2019 14:58:39

For flying my A20 headset and raybans. Everyday life my Apple Watch/air pods.

GP 🏋🏼‍♂️🌎✈️ (@gympilot)
gympilot31.05.2019 14:56:27

Good company 😏

Dimitris Mavromatis (@dimitris.mavro)
dimitris.mavro31.05.2019 14:55:39

yes! Love these vibes 🤘🏼😍

Bhagyashree (@bhagyashreee110)
bhagyashreee11031.05.2019 14:55:28

Water bottle😆

Elin Hansson (@fbyelin)
fbyelin31.05.2019 14:54:24

Aww så fin 😘😘

Jose De La Rosa (@jose_bodyboard)
jose_bodyboard31.05.2019 14:53:31

Nice shot Maria 😊

Rupert Pupkin (@rupertpkin87)
rupertpkin8731.05.2019 14:49:00

Are u the girl from narcos

Andreas Pettersson (@tcntad)
tcntad31.05.2019 14:47:30

Have no fancy camera or friends but what i need? Pringles shades, phone and headset maybe, also charger

Captain Flow (@flowthepilot)
flowthepilot31.05.2019 14:44:43

Must have? Only sunglasses. 😎

Kurush Pawar | A320 Pilot (@captainkpaw)
captainkpaw31.05.2019 14:44:19

My Sony A7iii and 2 close friends. 3 essentials.

Steffen Fossbakk Photography (@seffis)
seffis31.05.2019 14:41:03

Watch / glasses 🤓👏🏻

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