Houston we have a problem

we’re out of coffee, what do we do?

Shot 📸 by: @theglobemaster Using @sonyalpha a7iii - Maria  Pettersson👩‍✈️ (@pilotmaria)
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Kelly Steinkellner (@ksteinkellner)
ksteinkellner10.01.2019 10:22:54

Such a cool photo

Inaia Jimenez (@inaiaintl)
inaiaintl09.01.2019 19:47:00

Really wonderful shots at this site, @pilotmaria !!! <3

Kevin -S-      ツ™ (@whoshotmrwhite)
whoshotmrwhite09.01.2019 18:37:18

Hauntingly beautiful

Abhishek Rathore (@abhishekrathore391)
abhishekrathore39109.01.2019 18:08:11

Nice editing

Jeff Wimmer (@jgwimmer)
jgwimmer09.01.2019 14:00:43

Hahaha...always the beauty with humor...who couldn't find you absolutely adorable Maria....coffee is an essential item to have!!

Oliver Webb (@oliverjameswebb)
oliverjameswebb09.01.2019 12:25:29

Always wanted to go here!

Karla   ✈️ First Officer (@skysurfer86)
skysurfer8609.01.2019 11:15:32

Awsome shots ☺️ Btw... you were lucky "speedo-man" didn't show up in a mankini 🙈😂😂😂

Kiara King 🦁 | Style & Travel (@lioninthewild)
lioninthewild09.01.2019 11:12:40

Give up now 🙈😂☕️☕️🙌🏼🙌🏼

Camille Co (@itscamilleco)
itscamilleco09.01.2019 04:12:06

So cool!

Marco Alejandro Santiago (@marco.santiago007)
marco.santiago00709.01.2019 03:07:32

Where is that located?

Heiko Jockers (@heikojockers)
heikojockers09.01.2019 01:58:48

too funny abt the awkward guy that you pointed out in your Inststory video, cracked me up.

Christopher Mills (@cam02011)
cam0201109.01.2019 01:01:28

This was a must for me to see when I was in Iceland . I ended up taking a four wheeling tour to it. It was so much fun. Great shot.

Volker (@volkilicious)
volkilicious08.01.2019 22:14:21

And you call this a nice landing🤔☝???

Christie Ferrari (@christie_ferrari)
christie_ferrari08.01.2019 21:55:34


Martin Naden (@newmartnaden)
newmartnaden08.01.2019 20:46:29

Iceland ??

Rachel Barwick  ✨ (@life.with.three)
life.with.three08.01.2019 20:25:35

Wow ✨

simon_medelberg08.01.2019 20:06:51

What happend to this poor dc-3?

Mauro Sanchez (@mauro.sanchez4)
mauro.sanchez408.01.2019 19:42:49

Where is the speedo guy? :-))

Alyssa Ramos 🌎 Travel Creator (@mylifesatravelmovie)
mylifesatravelmovie08.01.2019 19:42:23

Omg we walked to this place in the freezing rain...:I’m pretty sure I cried. 😂😂😂

Carlos Marinho (@jccmarinho)
jccmarinho08.01.2019 19:25:14

Three things that I love in one post. An wonderful photo, an amazing airplane and a beautiful lady

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