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A m a l i e E l i s e (@amalieelise)
amalieelise09.12.2018 08:41:50

Your pictures are amazing 🤩 Love your profile!

Catherine (@crazykitty22)
crazykitty2206.12.2018 03:02:19

Do you still fly??

☾ (@morganbrechler)
morganbrechler05.12.2018 23:53:31

yassss 😍❤️💕

Peer Manent (@peermanent61)
peermanent6105.12.2018 23:36:15

which Sony Cam do u use?

Steven Spiller (@supersarestupid)
supersarestupid05.12.2018 23:21:35

Croatia and Montenegro top my list at the moment!

Jean Boiars (@merians777)
merians77705.12.2018 21:59:25

You looks like professional photographer 👍😁😏 @pilotmaria 

Alex Waltner 🇸🇪 SWEDISH NOMAD (@swedishnomad)
swedishnomad05.12.2018 21:54:02

Eller kanske Uganda med bergsgorillor 🙂

Richard Kerr (@awardtravel101)
awardtravel10105.12.2018 21:31:15

Great to meet you last night! Huge fan! - TPG Writer

J O R D I  -  M Ø N C A S I (@jmonkasi)
jmonkasi05.12.2018 20:51:12

where can i buy the backpack @pilotmaria 

louisacorallo (@louisacorallo)
louisacorallo05.12.2018 20:17:20

What kind of back pack is that? And how much does it hold?

Judith (@ju_ju0406)
ju_ju040605.12.2018 20:17:01

Alaska !! 😍

JONAS_SOFLY - PILOT (@jonas_sofly)
jonas_sofly05.12.2018 20:13:50

The backpack looks nice!

D A N I A ♡ (@xdodox1041)
xdodox104105.12.2018 20:03:49

Are you vegetarian 🌱?! @pilotmaria 

Mr Claes (@mr_claes)
mr_claes05.12.2018 19:59:39

Vilken härlig bild. Den symboliserar verkligen frihet. Jag går dit mina fötter bär mig liksom 👍

Elona Karafin• Travel Creative (@elonatheexplorer)
elonatheexplorer05.12.2018 19:35:26

Dream designation right now is Myanmar 😍

liontracker201205.12.2018 19:20:06


k.oğuzhan97 (@k.oguzhan97)
k.oguzhan9705.12.2018 19:15:49

😍😍 stunning and adventurous pic as usual, keep ur wonder and positive soul🙏. And for ur question, my reply would be include natural parks in Canada and Australia

Jonathan (Jaemin) Eun (@jon_eun)
jon_eun05.12.2018 19:05:27

Tattoo, backpack, and mountains. Wayyyyyyyy badass. 👌

yasuko.minidachshund (@yasukosora)
yasukosora05.12.2018 18:57:42

maria…Did you go to Kansas city(Wichita)? it is Nice plase!!

Naomi’s Daily Adventures (@naomis_travel_blog)
naomis_travel_blog05.12.2018 18:56:35

Such a cool shot 🙌

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