We normally operate one sectors as ‘Pilot Flying’ and the next one as ‘Pilot NOT Flying’ or ‘Pilot Monitoring’ as some call it. Pilot flying is respon - Maria  Pettersson👩‍✈️ (@pilotmaria)
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Sky racer (@skyracer7)
skyracer701.04.2018 18:02:30


Giuliano Cecchi (@giuliano_cecchi)
giuliano_cecchi02.04.2018 10:38:18

And the Pilot NOT flying takes the nice pictures. 😎

MegaTopWorld (@megatopworld)
megatopworld02.04.2018 22:03:43


LedesmaPhotography (@ph.ledesma)
ph.ledesma03.04.2018 14:28:24

Congratulations!! 👍💥

LedesmaPhotography (@ph.ledesma)
ph.ledesma03.04.2018 14:30:06

photography could be better with a nikon 16-24 mm 2.8 lens🙏

Emilia🍊🍓🍍🍐🍋🍒🍇 (@emiliacooke)
emiliacooke03.04.2018 17:40:11


Tatiana-Paris (@tatiana.paris)
tatiana.paris03.04.2018 17:44:52

@emiliacooke  #inspo  nice to see a woman pilot Vlogger !!!! 💖

Herculet (@herculet)
herculet05.04.2018 07:46:18

Girl power

Alexandria 🌺 (@alexandria_99)
alexandria_9905.04.2018 14:59:37


East Coast Aviator (@dullnathan)
dullnathan26.04.2018 22:07:02

So cool

Julie Moravcová (@juliee1__)
juliee1__27.04.2018 13:45:29

Svine bohata

Marco Masocco (@mark_masok)
mark_masok01.05.2018 18:42:35

LIME nice arpt!

Devran_0705 (@devran_0705)
devran_070510.05.2018 07:23:03

Melek Uçuyor 😇😍✈️✈️

Jessica Lemaitre (@snowflakesfairy)
snowflakesfairy14.05.2018 14:04:25

This is soooo cool..... fly me up Maria 😘😘

Brian  Munera (@br1an_munera)
br1an_munera29.05.2018 01:30:31

@alessandrash7  mira😍

Sylenoel Ardnassela (@alessandrash7)
alessandrash729.05.2018 01:35:41

@br1an_munera  poder femeninooo

Monique Furtado (@misfurtado)
misfurtado04.06.2018 11:32:26


Rose (@roseeeeroseeeh)
roseeeeroseeeh17.06.2018 01:29:03

such an inspiration. 😍

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