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VAL 👑 (@valentinasnch)
valentinasnch21.01.2019 17:42:25


Destiny (@theamazingdes)
theamazingdes21.01.2019 18:21:41

I agree, teachers don't get paid enough. I've had some incredible teachers in my life that have changed everything for me. I've known more than half of my teachers to have second jobs. If they got paid more this wouldn't be happening.

Sjarina van Vulpen (@sjarientje)
sjarientje21.01.2019 18:22:30

Same here in the Netherlands. We strike again on the 5th of March 💪🏻 Just pay us the right way! We all teach the new generation with love 😘

Melina. (@meminaxx)
meminaxx21.01.2019 19:34:14


claire estelle  slattery (@country_chic_04)
country_chic_0421.01.2019 21:12:55

Prolife 4ever❤️

janettelvlove21.01.2019 22:29:49


Michelle Provasi (@mprovasi102)
mprovasi10221.01.2019 22:45:31


Marissa (@mmarissaa_)
mmarissaa_22.01.2019 03:05:35


Nicole Livingstone (@nicolereneelivingstone)
nicolereneelivingstone22.01.2019 04:04:55


Jamie Scoble (@jamie_scoble)
jamie_scoble22.01.2019 05:02:26

In my opinion I feel like some teachers can be great and teach us useful stuff for life and others are just shit because somehow people get Fs.

Riccardo (@monsr.of.photography)
monsr.of.photography22.01.2019 06:38:56


🃏multi.fandom.edits🃏 (@multi.fandom.edits27)
multi.fandom.edits2722.01.2019 07:11:45


Daeleen (@dee_dee968)
dee_dee96822.01.2019 07:39:28

As a Canadian teacher who teaches in the United States we do not get paid worth it shit. And there's a lot more to it that people don't understand.

gosiniec (@gosiniec)
gosiniec22.01.2019 08:17:15

Word! ❤

Fidelity Denim (@fidelitydenim)
fidelitydenim22.01.2019 08:32:08


Katerina Matheas (@katerina.matheas)
katerina.matheas22.01.2019 12:05:30


Randy Sawdey (@randyatpcstowing)
randyatpcstowing22.01.2019 19:21:53

You would think if you pay teachers better they would care a lot more about there jobs. Not saying they don't know but right now when school is over there teaching life doesn't stop till it's time for bed for them and in my option there getting screwed

Kendall (@sincerelykhealy)
sincerelykhealy30.01.2019 17:46:22

I always love your posts! I know that you are always trying to make a positive change in the world. I just heard that Chanel has the lowest sustainability score a fashion brand can have- have you heard about this? I was shocked and sickened to hear it. 🤢😰

April Brooke 🌙✨ (@aprilbrooke)
aprilbrooke07.02.2019 03:55:38

This tho 💖

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