4.69mi today in honor of @gigrunewald
I never had the privilege of meeting Gabe, but like so many others I’ve been following her journey that she - Adam Pethia (@pethia_runs)
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KB (@kbreezin)
kbreezin13.06.2019 02:20:17

Love this. So heartbreaking.

Carleigh & Christian (@adventure.moore)
adventure.moore13.06.2019 03:21:13

It's so sad! We're so fortunate to get to run and she really lived more of a life in 32 years than most do in 80.

Andy F. (@andy_13.1)
andy_13.113.06.2019 17:02:10

Lovely words Adam. I think it fit to many of us, I never meet @gigrunewald  but been with her all the way and the news that she past away made me very sad. When I went out in heavy rain for my run yesterday, it was not only the sky which was full of tears.......... It's heartbreaking and I hope she will never forgotten!

La Remedy (@laremedymusic)
laremedymusic18.06.2019 12:26:22


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