OH HAI. I'm Payton, photographer of life and love, business owner, married to Michael (aka the best man/second shooter ever) since April, and all arou - PAYTON MARIE (@paytonmariephoto)
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Oklahoma Wedding + Lifestyle (@chandlerraephotography)
chandlerraephotography11.07.2019 21:47:54

Cutie cutie!!🖤🖤

Francesca Batzion (@francescabatzion)
francescabatzion11.07.2019 21:48:33

I just love your enthusiasm for life and your exuding joyful energy! Every post is such an inspiration simply because of the spirit behind it 😍 I hope you have the best birthday eveerr, and Micheal treats you to all the wonderful things!

Francesca Batzion (@francescabatzion)
francescabatzion11.07.2019 21:48:59

(oh, and pizza forever. and ever. amen)

oklahoma love + lifestyle (@crystalshaw.co)
crystalshaw.co11.07.2019 21:54:47

wow you are SO CUTE

Meg Noble (@megnclaire)
megnclaire11.07.2019 22:37:36

Pizza forever sounds like a plan to me! I’m just darn excited to meet you and get to know you better! And also let you work your magic on my wedding haha ❤️

Carly Nelson (@denimdaytrip)
denimdaytrip11.07.2019 22:57:14

Pizza is the only answer ❤️🍕 also you’re the cutest!!!!!

Emma Winifred (@wini.the.otter)
wini.the.otter11.07.2019 23:18:45

You are so adorable and we love seeing your business grow!
Pizza all de way! ❤️😂

TERRI GRAVES (@terrigravesphotography)
terrigravesphotography12.07.2019 00:21:40

I’d have to go with tacos 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I love pizza too! Just love tacos more 😆

eastlyn (@eastlyn_)
eastlyn_12.07.2019 01:52:36


Brand Manager (@bonali.lucy)
bonali.lucy12.07.2019 03:26:10

Lovely! ❤️
We would love to collaborate with you! 💕 Let us send you free jewelry pieces to feature. ✨ DM us and let's work together! 💃

Chad and Brie Photography (@chadandbrie)
chadandbrie12.07.2019 20:38:10


Stayrad_Racquel (@stayrad_racquel9)
stayrad_racquel914.07.2019 07:03:12

Hey Payton! ✨ We would love to have you on our team! ❣️ DM our main account @stayradfashion.official  🙂 and mention us.

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