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I've received incredible support on here over the last few weeks and I'd like to thank you all by giving away a fine art 24 x 36 print - Paul Zizka • Banff, AB (@paulzizkaphoto)
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Sarah Rogers (@serosity)
serosity11.08.2019 12:56:33

Honestly, "Zizka"! I always recognize your images immediately as yours. Distinct.

Matthew Stewart (@matthewstewartphotography)
matthewstewartphotography10.08.2019 19:29:49

Canada. That’s the only word. Not many photographers capture Canada (particularly The Rockies) like you do Paul.

Zakaria Mannan (@zakiducky)
zakiducky10.08.2019 18:46:27

Oof. A few different words really- depends on the image. Aurora and mountain tend to spring up first. Rockies is another term that comes to mind. All three really define the primary visual themes of your work.

Matt Ferguson (@mattfphotography)
mattfphotography10.08.2019 16:46:45

Rad. I don't think Rad is a good rebranding word but that's what I think of. Present would be the one I think for a rebrand... Despite the radness of the scene you still portray a sense of being present in it.

Paul Zizka • Banff, AB (@paulzizkaphoto)
paulzizkaphoto10.08.2019 22:55:43

Blown away by the responses here. Thank you all so much! 🙏🙂

Hikewithmerily (@merilyagreslo)
merilyagreslo10.08.2019 18:22:34

Gods creation is incredible, paradise!!!!❤️🇨🇦!!!

Patrick McCabe (@patronmccabe)
patronmccabe10.08.2019 18:20:57


Robert Hechler (@roberthechler)
roberthechler10.08.2019 16:23:18

Canadian! Everytime I see one of your photographs I am reminded of the beautiful country that I am lucky enough to live in.

Agnieszka Zabawa RAW (@azabawaphoto)
azabawaphoto11.08.2019 04:04:04


Daron (@darony007)
darony00710.08.2019 23:30:49

I’m not sure if awesome or cool is the first word that comes to mind, but I know it is followed by either I wish I was there or i wish that was my photo!
I did grow up watching Happy Days so COOL wins.

C  S A N T A  L U C I A (@cattwwoman)
cattwwoman10.08.2019 23:24:30


Jonny Swan (@swanny2020)
swanny202010.08.2019 23:13:02

Awe-inspiring 👌

Renaud Cheyrou (@renaud_cheyrou)
renaud_cheyrou10.08.2019 22:28:17


axymmilliner (@axymmilliner)
axymmilliner10.08.2019 19:01:11

Dreamscape! 😍

Jimmy Zhou (@jimmyzh)
jimmyzh10.08.2019 16:58:46


Manish (@_.manish_._)
_.manish_._10.08.2019 16:55:34


JJ (@jchanyyc)
jchanyyc10.08.2019 16:46:39


Mystee Maisonet (@omcooking)
omcooking10.08.2019 16:42:40


Annika (@annililie)
annililie10.08.2019 16:29:31

Mesmerizing and majestic ✨

BEN WAUGH (@benwaugh)
benwaugh10.08.2019 16:26:29

Dope shot Paul! Keep killing it bro

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