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Trophy Wife Barbie (@trophywifebarbie)
trophywifebarbie06.06.2019 20:00:03


Maye Musk (@mayemusk)
mayemusk07.06.2019 12:01:37

Love the message❤️❤️

brianszeszol87 (@brianszeszol87)
brianszeszol8706.06.2019 22:15:15

lol . he just wanted to mention donald trump.

Susan Dalziell (@susan.dalziell)
susan.dalziell09.06.2019 21:55:04

I don't get why celebrities don't just give money instead of making others donate?

Hiba (@hiba_alwakeel)
hiba_alwakeel08.06.2019 11:22:35

Here is a crazy idea , why don’t you donate about 10 million dollars from your own wealth which is probably more than 1 billion and set an example for other people

joell.8406.06.2019 18:42:20

“Don’t do anything crazy crazy” 😂😂

Esther Hilton (@esther.hilton)
esther.hilton06.06.2019 19:39:29

Yaaassss!! 💖💖 Be safe babe 💖

Nicky, Kathy & Paris Hilton❤ ✨ (@hiltonempresses)
hiltonempresses06.06.2019 19:10:15

Legends only!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Allison Marisa Hylock (@ms.sophisticated_96)
ms.sophisticated_9606.06.2019 18:44:31

Awwww, I want to kiss him on the cheek. He's sweet. 😘

Pamela (@kylie.jenners.face)
kylie.jenners.face09.06.2019 05:47:19


Paris Hilton Fan Page 5·8·19 (@parishiltoneverything)
parishiltoneverything07.06.2019 00:48:58

Love you so much paris 💖👑

Elizabeth Rose Schauwecker (@liz_schauwecker_)
liz_schauwecker_07.06.2019 00:27:11


rhiannonelise8806.06.2019 22:58:31

Amazing ❤️

Ashley Aurora 🦋 (@theashleyaurora)
theashleyaurora06.06.2019 18:50:31

Ben is a fav 💁🏼‍♀️best of luck ladies y’all are gonna slayyy🔥🔥🔥

xolilmissangel06.06.2019 18:43:51

Good luck babe!!! Have a good time!

Kevin Coombs (@kevincoombs)
kevincoombs06.06.2019 18:44:27

Drive safe girls! Love you so much! Let’s go car #6  🚩🚘

Mrs Erica Lauren M. Horn (@erica_lauren_m__horn)
erica_lauren_m__horn06.06.2019 21:00:43


Guy Edward Turner (@gytrnrla)
gytrnrla15.06.2019 11:01:54

Super Dude!!!

Faith Giplaye (@supermomgo)
supermomgo14.06.2019 15:45:56


mari tumbajo (@maritumbaj)
maritumbaj13.06.2019 08:09:24


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