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not your typical barbie girl 💖 (@paris2000s)
paris2000s13.09.2018 20:24:31


Heidi Klum (@heidiklum)
heidiklum13.09.2018 20:35:12


JEDWARD (@jepicpics)
jepicpics13.09.2018 20:47:44

Yeah we want a piece! a creamy slice 🍰 and maybe the full cake 🎂 and cherry on top 😉

KING JEDET (@kingjedet)
kingjedet13.09.2018 20:21:39

I love this look

Phillipe Blond (@phillipeblond)
phillipeblond13.09.2018 21:49:25


Paige Mobley (@paigemobley)
paigemobley13.09.2018 20:54:34

Don’t get me started on this!!! 🙌🏼😍

They Call Me Vicious (@sib_vicious)
sib_vicious13.09.2018 20:48:27

Yaaaaaaaas 🔥🔥🔥

Claas van Lyde 🤴🏼 (@claasvanlyde)
claasvanlyde13.09.2018 20:38:29

@mel__12  me entering Berghain

Kathy Hilton (@kathyhilton)
kathyhilton13.09.2018 23:15:14


not your typical barbie girl 💖 (@paris2000s)
paris2000s13.09.2018 20:24:36


Clarence (@yourboyclarence)
yourboyclarence13.09.2018 20:39:41

That title can never be taken from you!!!!

Daniele (@iolven)
iolven13.09.2018 22:07:31

@ilciuccy  @dimitri_tonetto  addio

not your typical barbie girl 💖 (@paris2000s)
paris2000s13.09.2018 20:28:07

I knew you would love this edit babe. Making the 2000s alive once again you unreachable young legend 😉

germanndoll14.09.2018 11:40:05

P I hope @skellz16  and I get to party with you tomorrow ! We both messaged you either way can’t wait to see you !💗💗

Herbert Salamánca Ramos (@herbsguapo)
herbsguapo14.09.2018 15:47:18

@iyahrobles  haha. Natapat pa ung part ng song sinabi ni britney Philippines

Christian ♉️ (@crio_bs)
crio_bs13.09.2018 21:11:59

@_robertu_  😍😍😍

Fiori Marcell (@influencerflopado)
influencerflopado13.09.2018 20:26:51

Paris and Britney best duo that ever happened

Bahaa Gouja (@bahaag2001)
bahaag200113.09.2018 20:23:41

@parishilton  When paris invented fashion...Kylie wasn’t born 👑👑👑 follow me plz as u did with @lina_bm_ 

Alessandro Rocchi (@alesssandrorocchi)
alesssandrorocchi13.09.2018 20:31:04

I just orderer a t-shirt that says "I'm with the OG" to wear the next time we meet 🔥

💥DADDY ERSIN PRESENTS💥 (@daddyersin)
daddyersin13.09.2018 20:40:54

@dallas.dehlinger  going to the @rampartynyc  together

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