Jim Jarmusch on assignment in Cannes for @lemondefr #Cannes2019 #jimjarmush @vu_photo - Paolo Verzone (@paoloverzone)
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Chicca_Maralfa (@chicca_maralfa)
chicca_maralfa14.05.2019 19:55:58

Leggenda. Fisicamente è ispirato a lui il mio personaggio Mr Willer

Santiago Garcés (@snapkiller)
snapkiller14.05.2019 17:44:27


Patrick Tourneboeuf (@patricktourneboeufphotography)

👍👍👍 😎

AmberTerranova (@amberterranova)
amberterranova14.05.2019 13:18:22


PFDO (@paola.luce_fe.d.ostiani)
paola.luce_fe.d.ostiani14.05.2019 11:02:28

Bravissimo Paolo!!!💥💥💥

Matteo Fagotto (@matteo.fagotto)
matteo.fagotto14.05.2019 09:50:21

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

Matilde Gattoni (@matildegattoni)
matildegattoni14.05.2019 09:25:29

Je l’aime à la folie

lorenzocastore14.05.2019 09:46:26


Mohamed Somji (@msomji)
msomji14.05.2019 11:38:23

So jealous.

Chris de Bode (@chrisdebode)
chrisdebode14.05.2019 09:33:50


Alessandro Magagna (@andofotografia)
andofotografia14.05.2019 09:23:45


cineflux21.05.2019 11:41:25

Jarmush is such a bold master. Unafraid of breaking conventions and stereotypes. Inspiration and a remainder for all of us! Thank you for the post!

Sarandipitylife (@sarandipitylife)
sarandipitylife18.05.2019 01:35:53

I have a good story about him😘

vivbx74 (@vivbx74)
vivbx7417.05.2019 11:13:32


AleDragoni aka @ale_dragoni (@sugarhill77)
sugarhill7716.05.2019 06:08:08


Amy Pereira (@amykpereira)
amykpereira15.05.2019 13:07:04


Fredrondet (@fredrondet9459)
fredrondet945915.05.2019 10:17:08

Yes Paolo the great jarmusch!!!!

Maia Flore (@maiaflore)
maiaflore14.05.2019 23:00:41


Gi (@lajoggia)
lajoggia14.05.2019 19:38:48


Annabelle Lourenço (@annabellelourenco)
annabellelourenco14.05.2019 19:38:13

Paolo à Cannes ... 🙌🏽✨🙌🏽

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