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Alves Rasool Photography (
alves.rasool.photography29.04.2019 14:03:05

I can’t decide that I liked this photo because of composition or place but it is really good✌️😍

Hanna M Rydén (@hannamryden)
hannamryden28.04.2019 05:36:15

Good luck! Let me know when you’re back in Barcelona 🙌🏾

Thibaut Puls (@tibopuls)
tibopuls27.04.2019 20:28:29

Kind of reminds me the John Stanmeyer's awarded picture of refugees looking for cellphone coverage (World Press 2014 I believe)

Anastasia Taylor-Lind (@anastasiatl)
anastasiatl27.04.2019 19:45:37


Alessia Glaviano (@alessiaglaviano)
alessiaglaviano27.04.2019 18:53:55

Ahhh sono partita oggi

Alessia Glaviano (@alessiaglaviano)
alessiaglaviano27.04.2019 18:53:43


Alves Rasool (@alves.rasool)
alves.rasool30.04.2019 21:14:29

Very good photo because of the composition. I think just need some lighting in this photo then great! 😉

Kai Yokoyama (@kaiykym)
kaiykym27.04.2019 22:43:53

Beautiful shot 🌟✨💫

Andrea Gualdi (@andreagualdi_00)
andreagualdi_0027.04.2019 22:33:36


Alessandro Rampazzo (@alessandrorampa)
alessandrorampa27.04.2019 21:34:40


Sara Cinelli (@__saracinelli__)
__saracinelli__27.04.2019 21:03:14


Thibaut Puls (@tibopuls)
tibopuls27.04.2019 20:24:37

It's beautifull

Yvanna Berli (@yvannaberli)
yvannaberli27.04.2019 20:15:58

Que linda!

Photographer Tuscany&Florence (@davide.mandolini)
davide.mandolini27.04.2019 19:45:14


Mathias Depardon (@mathiasdepardon)
mathiasdepardon27.04.2019 19:17:38


Tanguy Dlvt (@tanguy_dlvt)
tanguy_dlvt27.04.2019 19:14:49


Alessio Mattei (@alessiomatteiphotos)
alessiomatteiphotos27.04.2019 18:59:01

Praticamente perfetta 👏

E L S A (@elsa_estudio)
elsa_estudio27.04.2019 18:42:44


stateofillusion27.04.2019 18:36:48


vivbx74 (@vivbx74)
vivbx7427.04.2019 18:36:46


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