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Sara Heckstein 🌿 (@sarheckstein)
sarheckstein28.06.2019 22:36:39

OMG!!! 😍

Brian Adamson Jr. (@brianadamsonphoto)
brianadamsonphoto28.06.2019 22:45:14

Brb, watching on repeat for the rest of my life. Seriously guys, this is amazing. Even this sneak peek is so much better than we ever imagined and we could not be happier that you guys were with us for this adventure

keisha morgen // young living (@purelife_essentials)
purelife_essentials28.06.2019 22:50:01


Raeann Kramer (@raeannk439)
raeannk43928.06.2019 22:51:45

Un-fricken-real! You guys are amazing

kimberlki28.06.2019 23:35:09

Wow my heart is feeling this one!

robinzm (@robinzmu)
robinzmu28.06.2019 23:37:42

gorgeous 💗 breathtaking !!

Tbud (@iamtbudtoo)
iamtbudtoo28.06.2019 23:54:50

Beautiful work.

Katie Goswitz (@ktgoswitz)
ktgoswitz29.06.2019 00:01:14

Omg this is so amazing!

e m i l y  g a b r i e l s e (@ebgabrielse)
ebgabrielse29.06.2019 00:18:23

You guys are so unbelievably talented. To be able to have one of your films is such a gift. ❤️❤️

Melody Sopa Artistry (@melodysopaartistry)
melodysopaartistry29.06.2019 01:14:14

Completely obsessed and in awwwww!!!!! 🖤

Britt 🐝 (@brittneyguile)
brittneyguile29.06.2019 01:47:42

I don’t have any words for this, Just a whole lot of feels!! You two are so talented! 😍

Kaitlyn (@mrskaitlynhuff)
mrskaitlynhuff29.06.2019 03:01:25

Can’t wait!!!

Romulo Ueda (@romuloueda)
romuloueda29.06.2019 03:35:18

Nice work!

Style. Design. Create. (@rufflesandbells)
rufflesandbells29.06.2019 05:29:31

Sweetest couple ever! Looks amazing guys! Cant wait to see more 😍😍😍

Christina Menconi (@menconi1)
menconi129.06.2019 14:16:27

You guys!! Amazing! 😭

A Little Long Distance (@alittlelongdistance)
alittlelongdistance30.06.2019 05:58:14

Holy wow 🔥

↠ Jess Bleck ↞ (@jessbleck)
jessbleck10.07.2019 01:54:55

OMG @janellerosephotography  this looks like a dream!! I love you both, your story and your adventurous souls 💕 @olson.film  I’ll be sending you an info request for my wedding 😉

Destination Photographer (@lillikadphotography)
lillikadphotography17.07.2019 19:07:01

Guys just watched the sneak and extended version and wow you did an amazing job! What an epic video!!!!

Crystal Garcia 🎶👙☀️🚤🐶 (@__ccrystal__)
__ccrystal__18.07.2019 12:15:46

Absolutely breathtaking!!!! 😍 Iceland is such a magical place and you guys did such a great job capturing that and that love between these two... my fiancé and I are thinking of heading back to Iceland for an elopement/intimate wedding just have no idea how to involve our family’s once there. Any tips? Where did their family stay? Were they with the couple the whole time?

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