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JOSHUA.⚡️ (@joshuajtaylor)
joshuajtaylor16.04.2019 03:04:28

Killin' it!

THE VEGAN NEW YORKER (@thevegannewyorker)
thevegannewyorker16.04.2019 01:42:01


Mike Waterhouse (@mwaterhouse)
mwaterhouse16.04.2019 01:37:32

Great shot, Mir!

Jackii Sovern (@jsovs)
jsovs16.04.2019 01:09:50

Stunning shot!!! Side by side

riannaforrest16.04.2019 00:50:48

Absolutely incredible

Mary Jo (@mjcitykitty)
mjcitykitty16.04.2019 00:26:00

Phenomenal photograph. Wow!🖤🖤🖤

ℕℐℕᎯ (@ninirockx)
ninirockx16.04.2019 00:19:53

And never go away again, unless it’s time for a change 👌🏻great shot of 2 beautiful buildings

David Burkart (@david_burkart_1)
david_burkart_115.04.2019 23:25:10

Awesome Shot! Nice composition 📷👌🏻🏙🔥🔥🔥🔥

🇦🇱 Lindi Marke (@n.y.stateofmind)
n.y.stateofmind15.04.2019 22:23:00


EMACV (@emacv)
emacv15.04.2019 21:46:42

Muy buena fotografía 👌🏼

Zura (
zura.nyc15.04.2019 21:29:34

Killer composition and edit Mir !🔥🔝👊✨ When i saw this tag I thought i got featured on my post ! 😂

Ivan Davydov (@ivan.davy)
ivan.davy15.04.2019 21:16:46

That's deep

Henrik Moksnes (@hmoksnes)
hmoksnes15.04.2019 21:11:52

Lovely black and white 🙌🏼

LENNY 👦🏻 (@nyc.lens)
nyc.lens15.04.2019 21:04:18

I love the perspective. Chrysler and ESB look so small. Killer edit as always.

Sooni Sherzy Sadat 🥀 (@makeupbysooni)
makeupbysooni15.04.2019 20:58:23


Idoia (@idoparisienne5)
idoparisienne515.04.2019 20:57:15


Matthias O. W. (@mow_photography)
mow_photography15.04.2019 20:50:54

It’s from LIC or? What a great perspective! Fascinating shot!

Nitesh (@niteshnimi)
niteshnimi15.04.2019 20:46:38

Cool yo

adam smith (@shotbyasmith)
shotbyasmith15.04.2019 20:42:55

Bro are you on that rooftop bar at 29/3rd? 😉😉

Arimathéia Otto (@arimatheiaotto)
arimatheiaotto20.04.2019 12:27:19

Too old and dirty. 😑

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