Well deserved for what she was put through. Thoughts? Keep it civil!
Credit to : @savvynurses
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Vianca ❤️👧🏻💉🥩🥓 (@beesbowie)
beesbowie19.03.2018 15:48:20

She deserved more!!

Teresa Miller (@treesa2)
treesa219.03.2018 16:21:44

Definitely not enough for what this woman went through!

Kelsee Badders (@kelseerae1980)
kelseerae198019.03.2018 17:30:19


Aliyya👸🏽 (@whatsgoodli)
whatsgoodli19.03.2018 19:41:21

Should be 5 million 😒

Melvin (@little_melvin)
little_melvin19.03.2018 20:12:48

cops should have lost jobs. ...very public apology is needed and overdue ...plus should have been double the amount as a MESSAGE

Melvin (@little_melvin)
little_melvin19.03.2018 20:13:56

Oh and I hope and I bet the tension between the police and that hospital is palpable

thecarters__519.03.2018 22:22:21

She should’ve gotten more

Rick Chavez (@iscrubeyes)
iscrubeyes19.03.2018 22:41:00

She deserves more!

Kristen B Ahearn (@alturnativeulster413)
alturnativeulster41319.03.2018 22:43:08


Belluso Crochet (@emmmalc)
emmmalc20.03.2018 00:18:38

I am in Scotland. What haopened to this nurse?

Cøurt Cønnørs (@court_connors)
court_connors20.03.2018 00:29:19

@_ginarosa  she shoulda got more

🌱Lucid🍃Goddess🌳 (@jigenlo)
jigenlo20.03.2018 01:24:31

She should've gotten more for sure!

Mrs Roberta Caselton -Rivera (@robertac1969)
robertac196920.03.2018 10:50:21

Good she should have went for more

Ariel Ortega (@aoniken_ariel)
aoniken_ariel20.03.2018 13:31:58

Hi, I don't know what she did, could somebody please tell me the story? 😬

Rachel (@rgregis)
rgregis20.03.2018 14:11:20

The officer wanted to draw blood on an unconscious patient. There is a video showing Alex calmly (and nervously) reading the hospital policy that stated they were not to take blood without warrent, patient under arrest, or patient consent. Patient was unable to consent. They litterally drug her out screaming. It was an obvious power play. She was trying to do her job and the right thing for the patient.

Kaylee (@kkblueeyes)
kkblueeyes20.03.2018 14:53:59

I agree how horrible and cruel

Paige Calhoun🌾 (@paigemariec)
paigemariec20.03.2018 15:28:37

Deserves more!!

Robyn Cunnally (@nurserobyn)
nurserobyn21.03.2018 01:04:25

Settled too low!! She deserves more!!!!

Sara (@mommcgill)
mommcgill22.03.2018 00:46:53

I wish she would have settled for more than half a million!

Gail Paps (@anthi_paps)
anthi_paps18.04.2018 17:42:00


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