Photo by @amivitale through @r.e.s.c.u.e 
Elephant keepers Silas and Leado spend time in the bush with three of the Reteti herd. Leado says that this - Northern Rangelands Trust (@nrt_kenya)
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Autary Lentukunye (@autary_lentukunye)
autary_lentukunye03.01.2019 08:17:11

Job well done, our jumbos. I see four.

sandyjk (@sandyjk)
sandyjk03.01.2019 17:07:56

Precious little babies and wonderful wildlife warriors. 🐘🐘🐘💚💚🙏

Victoria Henry💚 (@victoria.henryy)
victoria.henryy03.01.2019 23:25:47


Edward Parker (@edwardjparkerr)
edwardjparkerr03.01.2019 23:39:47


March To The Top (@marchtothetop)
marchtothetop04.01.2019 00:09:14


Karen Ross (@karenr0ss)
karenr0ss04.01.2019 04:49:47

Very sweet! Take good care of those babies please

Ryan Diaz (@nutrition4cognition)
nutrition4cognition04.01.2019 05:42:06


celininparis04.01.2019 07:11:57


A L I N A   S H E P E L I U K (@alina.shepeliuk.official)
alina.shepeliuk.official04.01.2019 18:53:05

Beautiful elephant babies❤️

Marijke van Savooyen (@marijkevansavooyen)
marijkevansavooyen04.01.2019 19:57:21

Love love love ❤️🐘❤️🐘❤️🐘❤️🐘❤️

Marijke van Savooyen (@marijkevansavooyen)
marijkevansavooyen04.01.2019 19:58:11

Great picture @amivitale 

Deena Assem (@deena.assem)
deena.assem17.01.2019 02:16:48

Great job guys

Deena Assem (@deena.assem)
deena.assem17.01.2019 02:16:55

.God bless u all

Andrés Pardo (@amthspy)
amthspy03.02.2019 20:29:08

Guys Please keep doing your work! You are heroes

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