Nurse Tabitha Karendi examines a patient at the Laresoro Clinic, in Kalama Community Conservancy. 
In any one month, Tabitha sees around 600 patients. - Northern Rangelands Trust (@nrt_kenya)
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nah (@nahhhhh_mate)
nahhhhh_mate14.12.2018 07:58:49

What a wonderful demonstration of perserverence and determination!

Tusk (@tusk_org)
tusk_org14.12.2018 08:43:18


RatherBeCaving (@fl_gatuh)
fl_gatuh15.12.2018 03:31:20


jadinesocadeva (@jadinesocadeva)
jadinesocadeva15.12.2018 04:47:43

Fantastic ❤️

Elizabeth (@goldengirl333)
goldengirl33315.12.2018 10:28:36

I am a nurse. Would love to help

Elizabeth (@goldengirl333)
goldengirl33315.12.2018 10:29:28

What you’re doing is fabulous

Miss A Kiss (@missakis)
missakis15.12.2018 10:48:12

Remarkable! Community, planning, smart decisions. Just shows what amazing and practical things can be achieved which positively benefit everyone.

Angela creasey (@angandluna)
angandluna15.12.2018 11:03:59