“Whatever happens, we’re a team. In defeat as much as in victory. It’s impossible to win by yourself.” @amandine_henry
When Amandine Henry and her t - nike (@nike)
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Nike Football (Soccer) (@nikefootball)
nikefootball07.06.2019 18:01:49


J. Renzo. (@josefrenzo_)
josefrenzo_08.06.2019 19:40:46


Collin Swanson (@collin.swanson06)
collin.swanson0607.06.2019 18:06:30

How come your last 10 posts are all females? I thought that this is “Nike” not “Nike Women”.

#blm (@melanian9)
melanian907.06.2019 18:03:59

I only watch women football.😍😍😍😍

#TheGlovesAreOn🧤👊🥊⏱🛎 (@glovesareon)
glovesareon12.06.2019 12:26:02


Liz Hysell (@thelizard0foz)
thelizard0foz07.06.2019 18:09:42

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸!!!!!

Indi Cowie (@indicowie)
indicowie07.06.2019 18:00:58

This is so awesome 🔥

Brian (@brodieharris_)
brodieharris_07.06.2019 18:05:41

Pay them their due! Let’s make it back to back champs!

Zoe Matruse🌟 (@zoematruse)
zoematruse10.06.2019 17:38:55


H ! L @ R Y   ! Z@TT (@heyhilaryjan)
heyhilaryjan07.06.2019 23:06:10

Their kits are everything

Antoine Goitino (@tonio_yoh)
tonio_yoh07.06.2019 18:06:00


savannamcgregor (@savannamcgreg)
savannamcgreg10.06.2019 15:00:50


Romilton (@romilton48)
romilton4809.06.2019 13:42:40

Se Neymar continuar carregando a marca Nike, mudo para Adidas...

Anas (@anasahmed_official)
anasahmed_official07.06.2019 18:51:06

Nice 👍

Dairo Akinayo (@dakinz_photography)
dakinz_photography09.06.2019 22:19:13


AMANDINΣ HΣNRY (@amandine_henry)
amandine_henry08.06.2019 08:59:30


Zushie Rahayu Transiska (@shiee_transiska)
shiee_transiska12.06.2019 13:45:30

Nike must be responsible for the fate of Dayat and his colleagues, 30 workers.
Who is Dayat?
Dayat and the 30 colleagues of him, are workers at The Dream Sentosa Indonesia, a factory owned by Kanaan Group, Korea. They have been working there for 15 years until one day the management stated that they will close down the factory.
Why Nike should take responsability?
Dream Sentosa Indonesia produced accessories for Nike. 100% for Nike only. So when the factory was closed down without fully fulfilling its obligations to the workers, Nike should show more responsability. There's no way that Nike didn't know that their business partner collapsed. Big chance is, the closure was because of Nike's business practice to race to the bottom.
So here's Dayat and colleagues, raising their voice to demand for their rights to be respected and fulfilled. In response, Dream Sentosa Indonesia added up to
the suffering of Dayat and collegues, with filing a lawsuit against them, demanding a compensation of around 750 million rupiah.
Dayat and collegues approached Nike for this. Nike response? Complete neglection.
Nike cares only the making of money. It keeps looking for cheap labor. It is very clear how Nike exploits Indonesian workers by making use the most from the wage system in Indonesia.
The minimum wage is determined by region. Thus you see different amount from a region to another. There are regions with higher minimum wage, many still with lower minimum wage. Brands like Nike goes to the regions at the bottom. Isn't ironic to see Nike products sold at the same (expensive!) price everywhere around the world, and yet Nike applies different (low) wage to the workers? And while at the same time demands same (best) quality for all products made?
Back to Dayat and his collegues, the demand to Nike is to pay some respect to the workers making your products for 15 years. Fulfil their rights!
Reinstate Dayat and colleagues!

Ashlee (@ashbeerose)
ashbeerose11.06.2019 15:53:56

Thank you for representing larger bodies with your new mannequins ❤️

Montana May Coleman (@montana_may_08)
montana_may_0810.06.2019 09:51:14

Nike is a Child laboured company which means they force kids in other countries to make them and the kids make they products for hours and get very little in return. If you wanna safe kids in other countries dont buy Nike or any other child laboured companies Products. Thank you

Hank Mazur (@hankmazurfitness)
hankmazurfitness10.06.2019 08:48:39

Good luck girls

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