“It’s important for girls to believe in themselves, because if you believe in yourself that means you can do anything.” - Makena, Age 9, #justdoit - nike (@nike)
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Aderlisxoxo (@dino.urine)
dino.urine01.06.2019 14:05:12

Is that why you don’t pay for maternity leave💀? What a strong love for girls

Anthon¥😝🍇 (@anthony.tawil)
anthony.tawil01.06.2019 14:05:10

What about guys?

Do your Spanish or vanish. (@be6.43)
be6.4301.06.2019 14:14:25

Me: *breaths* Feminist: ThAtS rEaLlY oFfEnSiVe

Stephanie Vaughan (@cosmo_and_andersons_mama)
cosmo_and_andersons_mama01.06.2019 14:20:28

All these guys worrying about other guys believing in themselves. 😂 Relax, she’s 9. And last time I checked, girls are told they can’t do things. Not boys. Take a breath and know we believe in our boys and girls.

markbulah (@markbulah_fan)
markbulah_fan01.06.2019 15:53:11

Hahah, I'm even a little ashamed that you looked at my story😅😂

Adrian Chiu (@adric235)
adric23501.06.2019 14:17:55

Why just girls 🤡🤡🤡🤡

jlm30chicago (@jack_mceneely)
jack_mceneely01.06.2019 14:07:29

Y not all people believe in themselves 🤷‍♂️

David (@davidzz5)
davidzz501.06.2019 14:14:13

It is important for boys to believe in themselves.

Nima Farhadimanesh (@nima.farhadimanesh)
nima.farhadimanesh01.06.2019 14:06:28

So true, Everybody should believe in himself

James (@notjameshalpert)
notjameshalpert01.06.2019 14:05:15

It’s important for all peoples to believe in themselves

Only gay nigs dont follow😤 (@curvedintomemes)
curvedintomemes01.06.2019 15:00:19

is this a women’s clothing brand now?

Indi Cowie (@indicowie)
indicowie01.06.2019 14:04:20

Love this 🔥🔥

Millie (@potateoes_gonna_potate)
potateoes_gonna_potate01.06.2019 21:43:10

Masculinity is so fragile♥️🤪

Man Lever För Att Dö (@lovedenkegoranssson)
lovedenkegoranssson01.06.2019 15:07:32

Couldn’t they just have Said its important for people to belive in themselves

Timothy Armenta (@dmaxtimbo)
dmaxtimbo01.06.2019 15:33:08

What about boys??? Isn’t it important that boys believe in themselves as well ??? Really getting tired of all the pandering!!!!

MARCUS BAZAN (@thaatguuy__)
thaatguuy__01.06.2019 14:12:14

Guys matter too ya know

Charles D. Gibson (@cdg.6)
cdg.601.06.2019 14:08:20

Her eyes. 😍

makenna (@kennaa28)
kennaa2801.06.2019 17:30:11

bro all the men in here pressed because she said girls like she isnt 9 and the campaign isnt a women's empowerment campaign smh

makenna (@mak.baldwin)
mak.baldwin01.06.2019 14:06:03

Sis took my name dang

CJ💦🔌⚾️ (@nmcjr22)
nmcjr2201.06.2019 14:11:49

GiRlS nEeD tO bEliVe, Guys are human too lmao

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