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Nike Football (Soccer) (@nikefootball)
nikefootball26.05.2019 07:44:49


𝓐𝓷𝓽𝓸𝓷 (@antonny_666)
antonny_66626.05.2019 15:14:15

Do you really answer your subscribers?😅🥰

Sanjib Ahmad (@sanjiba)
sanjiba26.05.2019 05:36:13

Just don’t get pregnant.

Emily Klockenga (@ems_b1)
ems_b126.05.2019 11:44:42

🙄Love that Nike makes inspirational videos on women...but if a female Nike athlete gets pregnant? It’s a wholllllle new story. You’re basically not considered a true Nike athlete anymore...Google Alison Felix...top world Nike Olympian athlete that got her pay cut by 70% bc Nike would not protect Nike women athletes like her when she became pregnant. Also google Olympians Kara Goucher and Alisia Montanyo (ASICS) same thing. This issue has gone to the Congress! Hopefully they will continue to make a difference! 🙏🏽

sab_ny_26.05.2019 05:01:55

Love all the inspiration videos. Always going to support Nike. Favorite brand for life! 👌🏻🔥

James McDaniel (@jvmesmcdaniel)
jvmesmcdaniel26.05.2019 06:32:34


Lord Aythilix (@aythilix)
aythilix26.05.2019 05:31:04

I never knew the kitchen was this big

Asisat Oshoala  (M.O.N) (@asisat_oshoala)
asisat_oshoala26.05.2019 05:09:29


claudia alvarado (@claudiale2311)
claudiale231126.05.2019 12:38:14

Just do it, but Just dont get pregnatn.

David Munro (@itsdavidmunro)
itsdavidmunro26.05.2019 13:37:29

You ladies don’t actually think Nike cares about you do you? It’s all for marketing! Inspire woman and support them...until you become pregnant, then sorry you are no use to us in the bin you go and on to the next inspirational female...next...next...!

Mariah D (@beatsbymariahh)
beatsbymariahh26.05.2019 05:01:49

Honestly- is my music good?

Maddi (@maddipaige_x)
maddipaige_x27.05.2019 11:38:18

Very upset to hear about your treatment of pregnant women. It’s 2019, times need to change and so do your contracts for sponsorships! Disgusting

Narek Aloian (@narek.aloian)
narek.aloian26.05.2019 06:35:41

Nice 👍 👍👍

mrkramer526.05.2019 05:27:28

Someone for my little girl to look up to. ❤❤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

fabio (@stupidpieceofshit__)
stupidpieceofshit__26.05.2019 05:16:14

My favorite player 🔥

Mahmoud M Kayello (@mahmoud_kayello)
mahmoud_kayello26.05.2019 22:23:32


Tim Tonko (@tim_tonko)
tim_tonko26.05.2019 15:02:55

Adidas is better

Amine 🌐 (@mohamd_amine_elhiate)
mohamd_amine_elhiate26.05.2019 04:55:42

Oh 😍

Billy Victor Joshua🔹 (@bill_vic_josh_1)
bill_vic_josh_126.05.2019 04:55:51


Feeltheinspire (@feeltheinspire)
feeltheinspire26.05.2019 05:10:50


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