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Nike Football (Soccer) (@nikefootball)
nikefootball24.05.2019 06:15:45


markbulah (@markbulah_fan)
markbulah_fan24.05.2019 12:05:21

Hahah, I'm even a little ashamed, that you looked at my story😅😂

ℓαυяαииє ♡ (@lalla_lfb)
lalla_lfb24.05.2019 06:57:22

Future is Female! 🚩

Yxng_mason.g (@yxng_mason.g)
yxng_mason.g24.05.2019 06:51:35

No one watches girl football 😂😂

Fran Kirby (@frankirby)
frankirby24.05.2019 07:50:48


Eric Blankenship (@thestickybox)
thestickybox24.05.2019 05:38:55


Mohammad Habeeb (@mohammad.habeeb)
mohammad.habeeb24.05.2019 12:17:40

Stop trying to paint your brand as liberal and feminist, give the women athletes maternity rights maybe that’ll do a better job of brand image😊

Allison Cunningham (@cunningallie)
cunningallie24.05.2019 14:37:22

Just as long as her joy doesn’t including wanting to start a family. Nike, Will you cut her pay too? #dreammaternity  #nytimes 

Tea - HealthyFood - Coffee (@incazentea)
incazentea24.05.2019 08:05:02

Another disappointing story in the #nyt  about mothers not being treated properly by #nike 

Landon The Randman Lafond™ (@landon_lafond)
landon_lafond24.05.2019 05:12:27

Too bad England never wins😔

Faisal Al_zahrani (@faisalal_zahrani)
faisalal_zahrani24.05.2019 05:04:53


Clare Foley (@holyguacafoley)
holyguacafoley24.05.2019 12:52:02

Can you adequately compensate female athletes? Thanks

AmirOmar_CR7 (@amirpro09)
amirpro0924.05.2019 05:08:42

Padu dah tu

Amit Khajuria (@khajuriaamit35)
khajuriaamit3524.05.2019 05:33:00

she is Dope

Tabiat Anne'nin Kızı (@tabiat_ana_kz)
tabiat_ana_kz24.05.2019 05:05:42


95% Goes To Charity ❤️ (@paypalchallengex)
paypalchallengex24.05.2019 05:04:46

I dare you to check my Story 😱

Fazzil Mj (@mj_fayzi)
mj_fayzi24.05.2019 05:33:47


Monica (@mofosho49)
mofosho4924.05.2019 05:42:36


laFrau (@lafrau)
lafrau24.05.2019 05:35:38


Fazal Mula (@shah_shah1122)
shah_shah112224.05.2019 05:34:53


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