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akın (@aaakun83)
aaakun8308.06.2019 11:20:25


Duane (@mikasdaddy)
mikasdaddy08.06.2019 13:30:39

@simonahalep  God bless you! 💪🏾🥰🌹🙏🏾

Virginia Eliana Tică (@virgi_vee)
virgi_vee09.06.2019 18:03:01

How come no one is commenting on the fact that she said she had to leave the country in order to grow as a player and become #1.  That says a lot of the athletic environment/level in Romania.

Cristiano Ronaldo ⭕ (@cristiano_online)
cristiano_online09.06.2019 19:56:06

Very sweet :)

Ionica Balan (@ionicabln)
ionicabln10.06.2019 06:49:19


Lazar Simona (@simone_you123)
simone_you12310.06.2019 11:28:53

The best tennis player!!!!!

Lazar Simona (@simone_you123)
simone_you12310.06.2019 11:28:57


Del Johnson (@tri_jtag)
tri_jtag10.06.2019 18:03:17

Can't watch her, horrible distracting guttural screams with each ball strike. Nike must ditch her

EK TENİS ▶️ (@ektenis)
ektenis10.06.2019 18:49:46


Onofrei Daniel-Constantin (@onofreidanielconstantin)
onofreidanielconstantin11.06.2019 16:21:00

How much money does nike pay her to dress her ?

⚜️ Lola ⚜️ (@ms.dvg)
ms.dvg12.06.2019 10:52:53


queen berbere (@queen_berbere_)
queen_berbere_12.06.2019 19:59:06


Jhon (@godfreyalec72019)
godfreyalec7201913.06.2019 02:49:05

Great table tennis so nice

ali (@ali.pirmohamadi)
ali.pirmohamadi14.06.2019 22:09:34

@amin.gny  امین جان دایرکت بهت دادم ولی شما توجه کردی ازت میخام که لطفن باهم یه گپ کوتاه دوستانه داشته باشیم.🌹

yannis🇫🇷🇩🇿 (@yannis_ymh)
yannis_ymh15.06.2019 21:35:45

Aller simona !!!!!!

TurkAtletizm -Antrenman.org (@turkatletizm)
turkatletizm16.06.2019 11:41:56

Spor ile ilgili paylaşımlar için bizi takip edin. @nike 

TONI (@_toni_49_)
_toni_49_16.06.2019 15:09:36


Zzz191 (@lalalandnwnwbw)
lalalandnwnwbw17.06.2019 09:30:51


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