One crazy dream turns into another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
#justdoit - nike (@nike)
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БУДЬ ЗАМЕТНЫМ, БУДЬ В ТОПЕ! (@coment_in_top)
coment_in_top09.02.2019 13:17:38

Adidas one love 😂

Chris Rosa (@christopherrosa8)
christopherrosa804.02.2019 03:12:56

Like if Tom Brady kissed the owner of the Patriots.

™️ (@taylormeno)
taylormeno04.02.2019 03:10:59

Worst super bowl game yet.

♍♍♍ (@b_33_z_)
b_33_z_04.02.2019 03:13:46

Can we just get rid of the patriots and brady all together? The nfl is just a joke now.

Michael Jiménez (@mjchaelj)
mjchaelj04.02.2019 03:13:03

I want my money back and I didn’t even go to the super bowl

spence L (@slake6)
slake604.02.2019 03:11:09

Everyone here scored more touchdowns than the rams did

π² (@9.8696044010893)
9.869604401089304.02.2019 03:10:17


Teague Roach (@teagueroach)
teagueroach04.02.2019 03:10:56

I just watched paint dry for 3 hours

Katie :) (@itz_glowing_katie)
itz_glowing_katie04.02.2019 03:13:49

I’m crying rams should have one!

Justin Palta Yktv‼️😈 (@jp420_aii)
jp420_aii04.02.2019 03:12:49

Worst Super Bowl

Nick Johnson (@njohnson102)
njohnson10204.02.2019 03:12:59

Brady blew every ref on that field

isaiah_gucci (@isaiah._.mcphearson12)
isaiah._.mcphearson1204.02.2019 03:13:10

We won

ɢᴇʀᴀʀᴅ (@gerard_fsl)
gerard_fsl04.02.2019 03:10:38

As disappointing as the YouTube rewind

youlovealyson04.02.2019 03:13:05

saints got the super bowl next year for sho 😂

Peter Ellis (@global_traveler21)
global_traveler2104.02.2019 03:16:40

The Patriots didn’t deserve to win.

MarcAnthony (@marc_anthony_14)
marc_anthony_1404.02.2019 03:12:40

Worst super bowl i have ever watched

Sc~mrmouse11 (@cars0n.kerksieck)
cars0n.kerksieck04.02.2019 03:10:48

Like if you wanted rams to win

Tyler B (@ty_b_plays_soccer)
ty_b_plays_soccer04.02.2019 03:17:01

Happy for them, but this game was 😴😴😴

Alex N. Rey (@desmocedixi)
desmocedixi04.02.2019 03:15:36

Alright NFL, you rigged Brady his sixth Super Bowl. Can we get rid of him already?

Kevin Winnert Jr (@kutekevii)
kutekevii04.02.2019 03:13:13

@gronk  cried at my house once

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