“We live in a time where everything should be possible, but you have to fight for change.” - @zeina.boxer
German boxer Zeina Nassar didn’t start out - nike (@nike)
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Fabi (@schmautzi92)
schmautzi9223.01.2019 07:52:31

So she wants to change something but still wears a hijab? Looks like she already lost the fight 🤔

Джаник (@juventino)
juventino23.01.2019 07:47:36

So Nike is fine with women oppression smh

a_sterjoski23.01.2019 07:52:51

allahu akbar

Arthur (@arthurmnth)
arthurmnth23.01.2019 07:49:56

@nike  you shouldn’t put religion into your marketing strategy..

Brando Koch (@koch.brando)
koch.brando23.01.2019 07:47:48

And my mission is to fight with a clown hat... because reasons(also i believe in clowns-logic)

Срђан Ковачевић (@horni_madafaka)
horni_madafaka23.01.2019 07:46:27

Stop this

MeMySelf&I (@thomas.e.a)
thomas.e.a23.01.2019 07:54:31

"...so all women can experience the power of sport" 😂😂😂 No, this is about Nike making a lot of money from uneducated people 😉

Boushra ⚽ (@boushra_el)
boushra_el23.01.2019 08:11:51

She hits him with the hijab lowjab midjab @vinnniee  @ctaouk  @marissa.tsi 

Chouaib Achouri (@chouaib_ashury)
chouaib_ashury23.01.2019 08:23:02

Good job... She's a true fighter, why the hijab should be illegal ? May allah helps you with your mission 💓

Khalid Kh (@khalid_koh)
khalid_koh23.01.2019 15:19:16

You see that woman is stronger than a lot of you men clowns who are commenting negative things. She doesn't care about your little opinions, but stands for what she believes in. She is promoting modesty and self-respect.

Pana (@dumbbell_junkie)
dumbbell_junkie23.01.2019 09:02:58

Imagine if all cultures decided to impose themselves in sport. We would have native americans boxing with war bonnets. African boxers with feathers as headgear. Or jewish boxers with Kippah.. The list is endless. Some issues should be dealt with outside the ring.

Bart Verschoor (@bartverschoor)
bartverschoor23.01.2019 08:32:24

This is excellent. Better to have raving fans and haters than to stay neutral and evoke no emotion at all. Fashion is about challenging the status quo. Change the world by staying true to your values. Never sell out👌

Mark Nerdderisch (@nerdderisch_)
nerdderisch_23.01.2019 07:56:33

Germany 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

ıʇıɹɹoʇ oɔɹɐɯ 웃 (@marco._.torriti)
marco._.torriti23.01.2019 12:11:43

Standing up for women who support a religion that oppresses women, nice step towards equality Nike✔️

Benjamin (@queensfinest212)
queensfinest21223.01.2019 09:00:49

Standing up for women that practice a religion of oppression to women is almost counter intuitive.

קליין דרעק (@rich.phag.offficial)
rich.phag.offficial23.01.2019 17:35:58

Remember kids - when a woman is forced to wear the hijab or any other form of headscarf or headwear (eg. scarves for orthodox jewish and christian women, etc) by her family / husband / father, etc; it is oppression. When a woman CHOOSES to wear any previously mentioned religious attire based on her beliefs and/or culture; it is her right to do so. Furthermore, if her beliefs require her to wear something in public at all times; there are certain compromises that can be made by society in order to adjust to those beliefs. We don’t always have to go out of our way in order to comply to all cultures, but sometimes it’s not so difficult and just simply makes the world a more diverse and united place. Hats off to you Nike. 💕

🇮🇶•🇫🇮🇬🇧 (@3raqeya)
3raqeya23.01.2019 15:06:42

My face when when I see all these white dudes speaking for us hijabi women, thinking they’re right: 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Brother Nature (@babsbougt)
babsbougt23.01.2019 07:50:15

Alhamdoulilah thank you nike

Matt (@4k.mxtt.jesus)
4k.mxtt.jesus23.01.2019 07:47:28

Is that a nike hijab

greatestsince99_23.01.2019 14:59:18

i spy racists

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