Don’t just dream of a place on the podium. Dream of a place in history. #justdoit - nike (@nike)
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nigelsylvester (@nigelsylvester)
nigelsylvester01.11.2018 15:29:31


Dr.CK💊Pharmacist💊Mtl📍🇨🇦🇭🇹 (@pharmathlete)
pharmathlete02.11.2018 23:13:03

So gracious 🔥

Brother Clan (@brother_clan)
brother_clan01.11.2018 15:17:49

Like if you’re participating in no nut November

VforVangelis Stef (@v_stef)
v_stef01.11.2018 15:36:47

Before or after doping?

Sommer Bell (@sommerbell)
sommerbell01.11.2018 17:36:22

Bless the women that had to go through hell and back to achieve their dreams. ❤️ A light in the darkness. Unmatched strength.

Walter R (@walterrushing)
walterrushing01.11.2018 16:29:41

I love HER! She’s so inspirational to these young black queens 👸! My daughter especially

𝙅𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙖𝙣 (@jordanthefinessekid_)
jordanthefinessekid_01.11.2018 15:17:05

Checks over stripes

Eoin Tuohy (@eoin_tuohy)
eoin_tuohy01.11.2018 15:34:40

@edwinwixted  another 🐐 it must be said

Beatriz (@de_souza2900)
de_souza290009.11.2018 23:57:35


Nadia Thaman (@nadiathaman)
nadiathaman10.11.2018 03:28:56

This is incredible‼️

Артём  Смирнов (@art.smirnov305)
art.smirnov30510.11.2018 02:05:58


Michael Cotten (@bullymike380)
bullymike38009.11.2018 23:32:35


linda smith (@lindasmi19)
lindasmi1909.11.2018 18:51:37


Gosia von Styp (@vonstyp_leadership)
vonstyp_leadership09.11.2018 17:24:54


Theo Gallo ( 04:22:50


Steven James Reese (@stevenjreese)
stevenjreese08.11.2018 17:06:51

@nike  where you at

L (@dailymotivation.positive)
dailymotivation.positive10.11.2018 00:23:07


The Cannabis Society (@cannasociety.420)
cannasociety.42009.11.2018 08:03:46


Eville user (@evilleuser)
evilleuser08.11.2018 20:51:49


gghjklm. 00 (@gghjklm.00)
gghjklm.0009.11.2018 17:27:00


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