"People once told me that I couldn’t be a wrestler because I’m a woman.”
World Championship finalist @yasemin.adar keeps doing what she was told she c - nike (@nike)
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MBEAST (@mbeast_official_page)
mbeast_official_page17.01.2019 07:39:56

hello there, quite great photograph, keep it up

MUHAMMED AKIN (@ysufakinn)
ysufakinn17.01.2019 16:15:09


Fatih İren (@fthren)
fthren17.01.2019 19:23:25

Gurur! 🇹🇷 ⚡️

مـتفآعل طـلقةّ 🔥💥🌠 (@__34j__)
__34j__18.01.2019 02:01:29

As I had a look at your account, I liked your recent photos more 😊 very good 👏

R&R Customs     !!! 🏎🏍🚘🚙 (@rr_customshop)
rr_customshop18.01.2019 06:44:43

good day, really great shot, ensure that is stays up

🎀Çeyiz Evim🎀 (@ceyizz_evimm_)
ceyizz_evimm_18.01.2019 18:12:16


LOWKEE_TSX (@lowkee_tsx)
lowkee_tsx18.01.2019 21:32:07

hello, wonderfully wonderful frame, maintain it up

Live Green (@delicious_and_green)
delicious_and_green18.01.2019 21:39:36

whats up, tremendously nice picture taking, keep it up

Carol Thomas Koon (@pipedreamimages)
pipedreamimages19.01.2019 03:52:12

Love her story 👏🏼I am #inspired  💕💪🏽

Tanveer Ahmed (@veerah464)
veerah46419.01.2019 14:37:59


Fitness Motivation (@fitness.motivation707)
fitness.motivation70719.01.2019 16:22:43


Michael Turner (@manualbandit)
manualbandit20.01.2019 09:12:37

Never Give Up!!!👍👍💪💪

Zümra Tanınmış💫 (@zumrataninmis)
zumrataninmis20.01.2019 12:40:46

Bir Türk’ün olması gurur verici

Lorna Allen (@mayriamandy2019)
mayriamandy201920.01.2019 19:17:48


J U N O (@juno_theartist)
juno_theartist21.01.2019 03:29:53


Myrah Wadhwani (@kupidmyrah)
kupidmyrah21.01.2019 10:52:45

Women empowerment

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