"Some people rushed to judge her or put her in a box after briefly meeting her in Season 2. That’s kind of what happens in real life, we don’t really - Netflix US (@netflix)
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ソビル|bilaswift| (@soo.bil)
soo.bil10.07.2019 15:17:10

erica is genius girl 😂

Landon Cox (@abandon_landon)
abandon_landon10.07.2019 15:13:41

I stan her🥰

sa’maira serca 🔮💋⚡️🍭🥭🧠 (@samairxa)
samairxa10.07.2019 15:09:03

well you can’t spell america without erica

~multifandom~ (@multifandom.myway)
multifandom.myway10.07.2019 15:07:59

So we’ve decided to stan Priah🥰

Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv)
strangerthingstv10.07.2019 15:07:53

can’t believe priah invented the color green

Strong Black Lead (@strongblacklead)
strongblacklead10.07.2019 15:13:47


Veronica🎀 (@veronica_joseph1234)
veronica_joseph123411.07.2019 08:06:05


Camila 💥 (@camilass2rodrigues)
camilass2rodrigues11.07.2019 11:07:42


Lluvia (UVEEUH) (@rad.lluvia)
rad.lluvia10.07.2019 19:59:18

Powerful black girl magic ✨

Erickson Jadson (@ekinho_jr)
ekinho_jr10.07.2019 15:09:22

netflix marry me?

emily rogers ♡ (@emyeeted_)
emyeeted_10.07.2019 15:21:08

u can't spell "america" without "erica"

sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ ᴛʜɪɴɢs (@strangers_from_hawkins)
strangers_from_hawkins10.07.2019 15:07:21

erica is the best

Sami Bouterfaia (@samibouterfaia)
samibouterfaia12.07.2019 14:26:05


danielle (@_danzillahh_)
_danzillahh_10.07.2019 15:23:24

you can’t spell America without Erica 👏🏻

Breannnaa_ (@breannna_19)
breannna_1910.07.2019 17:59:26

What show is she from?

Icha  Soto (@icha.soto)
icha.soto10.07.2019 15:28:41

I don't understand why when you talk about a character on a show you never mention which show is (or movie)

The McFloofs (@snoopy_n_lensy)
snoopy_n_lensy10.07.2019 15:13:45

When I was watching stranger things I surprised myself by being mad at the Russians. I am from Russia. Now let me ask you. HoW tHe HeCc did you brainwash me?¿😂

r u b y 🌻 (@rubywaye)
rubywaye11.07.2019 10:29:19

i’d never put you or erica in a box💞

Pedro Mota (@pedro.hnqe)
pedro.hnqe10.07.2019 23:40:06

I don't like.

fuck love (@daniel.47999)
daniel.4799910.07.2019 15:09:26

Now we gonna watch her grow up

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