So no one told us life was gonna be this way. We’re sorry to say Friends will be leaving Netflix (in the US) in early 2020. - Netflix US (@netflix)
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Netflix Comedy (@netflixisajoke)
netflixisajoke09.07.2019 17:48:03

I don’t know why it’s coming out all loud and squeaky cause really *IM FINE*

Aly😜 (@aly_hoffa)
aly_hoffa13.07.2019 21:35:26

Literally this is the only thing people watch on Netflix why would u take it down????

Samantha F (@sam.rose.farsky)
sam.rose.farsky13.07.2019 23:54:27

First the office and now friends those are literally the only 2 shows I spend hours watching on Netflix you need to save these shows who agreed

papi._.eli12.07.2019 06:06:49

they’re just taking a break.....

Matty (@matty_everss)
matty_everss10.07.2019 12:11:09

This is probably the best show on Netflix besides stranger things

sav (@pettywiise)
pettywiise09.07.2019 18:06:51

are we on a break

its pronounced shuh-lan (@spacey.silan)
spacey.silan15.07.2019 19:40:51

hah! the only time netflix canada gets it better :)

Courtney Hejnicki (@court.hej)
court.hej10.07.2019 03:34:10

chandler wanted to quit the gym, i want to quit the netflix @oliviayake 

Gabriela Rech (@gabrielarech)
gabrielarech11.07.2019 21:14:24

@isabaruch  eu to morta

EmCa-art (@emi.emca)
emi.emca18.07.2019 11:08:19

@melissa.emily  its gon be over.

Astrid (@astrid_sofia_p)
astrid_sofia_p10.07.2019 22:04:21

@javier.chaconbaquera  NOOOOOOOO

𝙟𝙚𝙣𝙣𝙖 😌💍 (@jenna.mooneyhan)
jenna.mooneyhan13.07.2019 18:54:46

oh hn @kayla_bermudezz  😭😭😭

melissa (@melissa.naomi_)
melissa.naomi_10.07.2019 06:51:08

@emanabdell  SUCK ON THAT

Saraí🥀 (@saraialva_)
saraialva_10.07.2019 05:21:49

@ggabyalarcon  dime que solo es en USA :((

Sapna Aggarwal🌈 (@thisis_sapna)
thisis_sapna14.07.2019 15:21:13

@neha___garg  see official.. Ugh! I hate this😤😤

Kelly Dibble (@kellyrdibble)
kellyrdibble11.07.2019 19:26:05

@dibblekolb12  time to buy me the dvds

Kenny Nguyen (@kenny.en)
kenny.en12.07.2019 03:58:51

doesn't really matter tbh. I already planned to start using Disney+ anyways once it launches @chubs.408 

ETEMi (@iliretemi)
iliretemi14.07.2019 23:27:03

@esraakaraa  wtf?

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