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Lefraud_james (@lefraud_james)
lefraud_james11.10.2018 06:20:27

LeBron James:
* Six NBA Finals series losses.
* Swept in not one, but TWO NBA Finals series.
* Lost 4-1 in TWO NBA finals series.
* Saved by Ray Allen in 2013 finals and Kyrie in 2016 finals.
* LeBrons record is 18-32 in NBA finals games.
* Outscored by a bench player( Jason Terry) in the 2011 finals.Terry averaged more points in less minutes than LeBron. LeBron was held to 17 points per game in the 2011 finals. That season the Mavs did not have one player on their roster who made any of the all defensive team, yet they were able to hold LeBron to 17 points per game.
* He shot under 40% TWO NBA Finals series(2007, 2015)
* Despite having two super teams in the last 8 years between Cleveland and Miami, he has a 3-5 finals record that that time span.
* In the 2014 finals, he lost to an old and decrepit San Antonio Spurs team which included 38 year old Duncan, 36 year old Ginobili, and an injured and hobbled 32 year old Parker. The Spurs average margin of victory in that series was 15 points.
* In the 2015 finals LeBron had a 2 - 1 lead on the Warriors, who at that time only had two All-Stars Klay and Steph, with game 4 on his home court in Cleveland and the opportunity to take a commanding 3 - 1 lead, what happened? LeBron shot 7 - 22 from the field, 1 - 5 from the 3PT, and 5 - 10 FT in game 4. He completely choked the opportunity to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series.
* Unable to lead Cleveland to a title in his first stint in Cleveland from 2004 - 2010 despite facing only one 50 + win team during that period.
* Lost to an Orlando Magic team with only one All Star, Dwight Howard, in 2009 ECF.
* Shot 35% FG, 21% 3PT and averaged 5 turnovers per game in the 2008 ECSF playoff series versus Boston Celtics.
* Averaged 22 ppg, on 35% in the 2007 finals vs the Spurs. He was swepted in that series despite his team holding Tim Duncan to 44% and Manu to 36% shooting.

Nicholas Yaroma (@nickyaroma)
nickyaroma11.10.2018 08:20:48

People actually think LeBron is good... he’s washed and hasn’t been the same since he was in Miami

Andrea Butler, MBA 2018 GRAD (@innovativeab)
innovativeab11.10.2018 05:56:38

I’m a rockets fan and just love Lebron’s personality. He includes everyone around him to feel that he values them. It’s still competition when rockets versus lakers play but just noticed that amazing trait about King James! ❤️

ooohbraylon11.10.2018 05:52:50

GSW bandwagons incoming with hatred

WELCOME TO MEME HEAVEN 👼🏽⛅️ (@myjobisweird)
myjobisweird11.10.2018 05:53:14

I don’t understand why it hurts when you bite your tongue by accident and it doesn’t hurt when you bite it on purpose. I also don’t understand why you’re biting your tongue right now. I want my like and follow please and thank you.

Tuxeng Lee (@2in_san_e)
2in_san_e11.10.2018 06:38:46

This team was created just for one thing, to beat the warriors. You beat the warriors in the west you’ll win the championship.

L.L Trae&Grandma ❤️🙏🏿 (@lowrelly)
lowrelly11.10.2018 06:36:47

Don’t let this distract you from how fire that hoodie is 🔥

lilian (@lilian.86)
lilian.8611.10.2018 05:57:48

Desole @mathieu_brnt  je ne suis pas totalement d accord avec toi il est cool 👍

__pr311.10.2018 17:40:23

My man giving ppl permission to talk now lol🤣

Andre Guardado (@dredog925)
dredog92511.10.2018 07:02:02

Lebron ain’t ever winning a ship again

🇦🇺 (@danieljxmes)
danieljxmes11.10.2018 06:38:00

@koadyrvl  want that hoodie

Chrv$ Minaya (@g0od_chrvs)
g0od_chrvs11.10.2018 05:53:31

Fire hoodie 🔥

Moriah Tay-Law Hutchins 🎓💸😻 (@taysia.lmao)
taysia.lmao11.10.2018 05:55:22

Please tell me these are just jv refs and the real refs will be back when the season starts.

Mduduzi Morris Gazu (@themdu13)
themdu1311.10.2018 06:10:55

I don't remember him this happy and relaxed

chapina323_12.10.2018 06:45:32

@_soyjanet  @jolenevallesteros  THATS ME LMAOOOOOOO

__saraahhd11.10.2018 05:52:38


W|Pierre (@webpierre)
webpierre11.10.2018 06:23:14

Zo’s 🗑 . Lakers need to worry about getting back draft picks for him. (don’t me)

Afonso Pinheiro (@afonsop09)
afonsop0911.10.2018 15:23:08

@peespindola  mano esse cara é um mito olha essa passada abusada q ele anda e fala!! O cara manda na nba

shitposts and memes (@shidepost)
shidepost11.10.2018 13:21:16

Guys the doctor said I have a malignant brain tumor I don't know what that is but it sounds epic and the fortnite characters visited my room my mom is so proud that she started crying

Waylan Tupaea-Petero (@iamwaylan)
iamwaylan11.10.2018 05:56:06

drip @jkeil7 

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