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moneymakinjaay15.05.2018 04:36:47

Translation - shoot that mf from half court every play

ANDRÉ M. R. DA COSTA (@dacostadre)
dacostadre15.05.2018 04:35:59

Great coach, 100% knows how to manage elite players

private thang (@jocoloco4thecoco)
jocoloco4thecoco15.05.2018 04:35:31

Like if WARRIORS are winning the series and championship

Al (@techniec_)
techniec_15.05.2018 04:38:04

It’s KD’s team bruh, you’re a role player now.

STIX || ThinkWatts 💡 (@wattsstix)
wattsstix15.05.2018 07:37:48

That’s incredible coaching!!!

Culture Kings (@culturekings)
culturekings15.05.2018 05:26:17

Wise words Coach!

Pierce Jensen (@pkjensen)
pkjensen15.05.2018 04:41:27

Man No One gives Credit to Kerr! Kerr is such a great Coach! Learned from the Best and Played next to the GOAT!

Caleb W (@calebsw13)
calebsw1315.05.2018 04:42:39

I just dont get why everyone hates on curry

Ryan Meliala (@epicdx)
epicdx15.05.2018 04:37:27

Curry looks depressed

Dallas ☆ (@shadallas)
shadallas15.05.2018 04:58:00

Honestly Kerr is an overrated coach. Let’s not forget he’s coaching a team full of all stars ... let him coach any other nba team (like the pelicans, bucks, raptors, nuggets, etc) and let’s see the results. He’ll be fired like the rest 🤷🏾‍♂️

Nema Kameli (@nemakameli)
nemakameli15.05.2018 04:36:08

Underrated coach tbh

⠀ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@batuyurukakan)
batuyurukakan15.05.2018 04:36:34

they said “rockets in 7 “ tho hours later “ruined the nba” ahahah lol

Tamer (@tamerk.0)
tamerk.015.05.2018 04:35:23

Warriors in 3.

Cal Phillips (@calvinp_3)
calvinp_315.05.2018 06:02:17

People saying that it’s KD’s team now, I have to disagree. Durant is a better overall player but curry is what makes this team go, you notice a complete difference of movement when he’s on the floor.

Lorenzo De Silvestri (@lollodesi)
lollodesi15.05.2018 04:58:16


Basketball Videos (@basketballvideos)
basketballvideos15.05.2018 22:44:13

Steven Kerry

Paulson_M (@chrispa.1)
chrispa.115.05.2018 04:42:40

LeBron must go to Houston next season and leave Toronto and Boston alone. Please from Raptors fan.

TRUSTNONE Malik (@trustnonemalik)
trustnonemalik15.05.2018 04:36:26


Jonnie Candito (@canditotraininghq)
canditotraininghq15.05.2018 06:56:51

When you got 4 stars all you need is a cheerleader as a coach 😂

Charmaine (@ms.charmaine)
ms.charmaine15.05.2018 04:39:24

🙌🏾 I felt like I was listening to a church sermon “the floodgates are going to open”

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