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Nick Murphy (@vikn01)
vikn0115.04.2019 18:30:16

They cut the video off because at the end when she has his arm in her mouth she instantly tore his arm off. It happened, look it up

Lee Fletcher (@mr_lee_fletcher_)
mr_lee_fletcher_15.04.2019 18:30:22

I would rather do this than walk the streets with humans to be honest ✌❤

Marty (@ma_rta3071)
ma_rta307115.04.2019 20:16:21

It's a beautiful video and I do not pretend to be a spoilsport but the mania that human beings have to treat wild animals as pets is amazing. This animal is not domesticable and encourages others to try to do the same and then come the misfortunes. I am in favor of reserves where wild animals are caught and cured, but not domesticated. They are not dogs, and by the way, many animals such as kittens or dogs die abandoned every day .. let's focus on them and leave the feral animals in peace.😞😞

Big George (@_ikenna_)
_ikenna_15.04.2019 21:40:05

Stronger bite than a Lion and this dude is treating it like a puppy

Jesus D (@the_space_ranger)
the_space_ranger15.04.2019 20:18:59

Hyena's are pretty terrifying to be honest. Lol sorry to any Hyena lovers.

Michael (@mi.k.e.l)
mi.k.e.l15.04.2019 18:51:10

Why tf is sound like that 💀

Colby Grappe (@colbygrappe)
colbygrappe15.04.2019 19:51:37

I mean dogs are just domesticated wolves so

Candy Horvath (@horvathcandy)
horvathcandy15.04.2019 19:19:27

Love and trust is so amazing

gina (@heike_gina)
heike_gina15.04.2019 19:19:10

you are a Lucky Man! 😍

Jaclyn Gonzales (@lezgowander)
lezgowander15.04.2019 22:54:45

I’m sis upraised you still have your arm lmao 😂🤣I know Hyenas are closer to dogs and can be domesticated but still be careful when showing off on social media cause it could cause more harm to biodiversity, the environment and indirectly contribute to poachers and illegal wildlife trafficking and practices (such as people drugging the animal to make money off of tourists).

shahram_pakseresht15.04.2019 20:14:14

That's amazing how I can do this whit such a wild horrible creature! It's the power of love

Florence (@f.stel)
f.stel15.04.2019 18:38:44

I wanna have one tooooo 😭 @jstelmazuk  @lauprincesa 

Joel T. Baynton (@joeltbaynton)
joeltbaynton15.04.2019 18:28:49

@toribaynton  that’s a big NOPE

JRJ Jr (@jeff_jay_jeff_jr)
jeff_jay_jeff_jr16.04.2019 11:56:19

@andy_stranick  wtf..

Claudietto 🔵⚫️ (@claudietto_argiolas)
claudietto_argiolas16.04.2019 10:35:02

Mai l’avrei toccata @erikacasta90 

Hilke Otto (@hilke.otto)
hilke.otto15.04.2019 19:10:11

@verofra2  @pageldaniela  😍😍😍 ich möchte auch so eine 😅😎

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