Photo @ladzinski / A great Egret taking flight on a boardwalk in central Florida. These beautiful birds were nearly hunted to extinction in the early - Nat Geo WILD (@natgeowild)
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IncontrollataMente (@incontrollatamente)
incontrollatamente10.06.2019 06:14:25


Kajal Rawat (@rawatkajalll)
rawatkajalll10.06.2019 06:14:38


Arizona Alice (@arizona.alice)
arizona.alice10.06.2019 06:18:07

.....Truly beautiful animal and photo! I'm glad they didn't go extinct.

J.Fla (@blossom_826)
blossom_82610.06.2019 06:10:17

wow nice photo.Its very detailed

Kiki Malandraki (@kikimalandraki)
kikimalandraki10.06.2019 06:06:54

Like an angel !!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

Rebekah Warren (@rmjcrew2010)
rmjcrew201010.06.2019 11:11:07

Humans are selfish creatures..we need to ptotect wildlife not take advantage

_dougulous_10.06.2019 09:05:12

I didn’t know that egrets were hunted to the near extinction. I love seeing them. That reminded me of an article I read about the Huia bird in NZ which was hunted to (presumed) extinction by 1907. I’ve seen articles which outline a plan to bring them back with cloning. If there is enough genetic diversity in the museum specimens remaining, it would be great to undo that damage and see them in the skies once again.

I lost myself (@ale__panz)
ale__panz10.06.2019 08:19:42


Hamza (@hamza.moh)
hamza.moh10.06.2019 07:13:22

Lovely 😍

Lakshmi (@lakshmi0924)
lakshmi092410.06.2019 07:06:33


payal swami (@payalswami5)
payalswami510.06.2019 06:34:29

What a beautiful feathers

Fawns (@fawnsengland)
fawnsengland10.06.2019 06:18:53

Amazing picture

Dot Gallagher (@dotgal03)
dotgal0310.06.2019 06:12:42

Wow ❤️

himani goyal (@himanshigoyal788)
himanshigoyal78810.06.2019 06:10:49


🇸​🇴​🇺​🇲​🇾​🇦​ (@soumyaganapuram)
soumyaganapuram10.06.2019 06:09:57


🌹YoMarileth🌹 (@maryquezada7)
maryquezada710.06.2019 06:08:51


robert svend nielsen (@nielsen7946)
nielsen794610.06.2019 06:09:51


Re:A (@riems.utago)
riems.utago10.06.2019 11:35:19


Wild | Nature | Travel (@wildlifehdphotos)
wildlifehdphotos10.06.2019 09:15:51

if you love wildlife tajeca peek at mine ❤️❤️

Andrey (@adriano_saviano)
adriano_saviano10.06.2019 09:11:18


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