Photo by @journeying_justin 
A bison snow plows its way to tasty grass in Yellowstone National Park. These animals have massive heads and incredible m - Nat Geo WILD (@natgeowild)
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linda jaime (@linj58)
linj5809.06.2019 19:47:22

Everything is connected

Steffen Fossbakk Photography (@seffis)
seffis09.06.2019 19:50:11

I wouldnt mess with that guy😂

Trent Sizemore Photography (@trentsizemore)
trentsizemore09.06.2019 19:48:40

If you want to find coyotes in winter, just look around the bison herds!

Samantha Blood (@blood5620)
blood562009.06.2019 20:25:48

He's so beautiful

Halis Çölkesen (@haliscolkesenn)
haliscolkesenn09.06.2019 19:34:23


Spî (@baba_khan_nejad.sepide)
baba_khan_nejad.sepide09.06.2019 22:16:53

Good shot ,he’s soooo cool

_canguru_09.06.2019 19:34:12


Лю (@ly_uda)
ly_uda09.06.2019 19:34:06


Tina Z (@butterfly_enchanted)
butterfly_enchanted09.06.2019 20:19:07

That bison has an important "snow plow job" 🙌

Marco (@imarco68)
imarco6809.06.2019 20:21:36

Tatanka !!!

Bee (@beepeandes)
beepeandes09.06.2019 20:14:02

Love nature ❤️

Naomi Mack (@naomimack2)
naomimack209.06.2019 20:13:35


FQ (@pippo_q_)
pippo_q_09.06.2019 20:10:51


© Borhanuddin Taryan 📷 (@borhan.taryan)
borhan.taryan09.06.2019 19:34:28


Wild | Nature | Travel (@wildlifehdphotos)
wildlifehdphotos09.06.2019 23:49:23

nice ❤️👍

Woody Miller (@elwood_a0z)
elwood_a0z09.06.2019 21:22:50


Asfandyar (@asfn_d)
asfn_d09.06.2019 20:10:11

Good shot

Uriah Willis (@uriahm.w)
uriahm.w09.06.2019 20:09:12


Marcos Sobral Photography (@marcos_sobral_photography)
marcos_sobral_photography10.06.2019 01:34:55


Haley Sullivan (@hayhaysul)
hayhaysul10.06.2019 02:21:42

@davidsmith94  @andrewjamesnews  disappointed in your photos after this one

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