Photo by @max.lowe I The bowed heads of monks in prayer at a remote monastery in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal. What you can’t see though is the thr - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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Emily Polar (@emilypolar)
emilypolar12.02.2019 08:52:59

Love this! @max.lowe  - Looks like Thupten Choling :) Lovely Monastery

Veysel Yumuk🔹 (@___veysel____)
___veysel____12.02.2019 07:22:12

Choose Islam.Find the right way 👍👍👍

Monika Makowiec (@monika.makowiec)
monika.makowiec12.02.2019 07:27:06

Nepal 🙏

Orla ✌🏻️ (@orla_connolly)
orla_connolly12.02.2019 08:15:06

@kevinconnolly96  @aiscon  chanting in unison

Living Destinations (@living_destinations)
living_destinations12.02.2019 07:16:54

Great obe

Cheenu Arora (@cheenuarora80)
cheenuarora8012.02.2019 07:39:36

On my wish list

Dermot Deacon (@jdeacon46)
jdeacon4612.02.2019 09:32:39

Excellent work bravo

FINANCIAL7 (@financial_7)
financial_712.02.2019 08:13:14

Very nice 😁✅👍👌

plant sciences huji (@plant.sciences.israel)
plant.sciences.israel12.02.2019 07:30:58

Beautiful colors!!! Wish to see it some day

Danilo & Anna (@ournextflight)
ournextflight12.02.2019 07:28:12

This is great

Halit Bilen (@bildrone)
bildrone12.02.2019 07:20:59

Beautiful capture

maria vellojin ( 11:33:40

Where are the women?

Дмитрий (@dimaslihachev)
dimaslihachev12.02.2019 08:11:19


Lokesh Agarwal (@ilokeshagarwal)
ilokeshagarwal12.02.2019 08:11:05


Jytte Aggerholm Justesen (@tantegroenshave)
tantegroenshave12.02.2019 08:03:44


K L I L  O F I R (@klilofir)
klilofir12.02.2019 07:46:48


Robert Carmona 📷 📸 🚛 ⛟ 📸 📷 (@nycstreetgrams)
nycstreetgrams12.02.2019 07:31:55

NatGeo Traveling 👌

Georgia (@jorjuh02)
jorjuh0212.02.2019 14:19:25


miss.mochaloca12.02.2019 13:05:56

@diannam58  that will be you!

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