Photo by @PaulNicklen | While sitting in my photo blind, this large male wolf snuck up on me through the grass along a river. I took a couple of image - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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Mike Babin (@mikebabin)
mikebabin11.02.2019 23:21:58

@_e_gill  the kid when he works both jobs in a day

Lynne's Candles (@lynnes_candles)
lynnes_candles11.02.2019 23:28:27

Amazing and beautiful shot. Wolves are the best.

Steffen Fossbakk (@seffis)
seffis11.02.2019 23:15:11

Paul always kills it🤙🏻🔥

Birdboy54 (@birdboy54)
birdboy5411.02.2019 23:50:37

The pack brought their young pups out to play in front of humans they could trust. It takes one to know one.

Tamuna Samadashvili  [T🅰M🅰R🅰] (@tamuna_samadashvili)
tamuna_samadashvili11.02.2019 23:26:44


B. Friel 🦉 (@66_east_)
66_east_11.02.2019 23:23:12

@_jforreal  bucket list photography trip

Randy Butler (@randybutler_pix)
randybutler_pix12.02.2019 00:34:15

“Accepted” So maybe one could be raised by wolves. 🤔

Brooklyn Sammer (@brooklynsammer)
brooklynsammer11.02.2019 23:39:47

Que magníficas imagen

Agitater Outdoors (@agitater_outdoors)
agitater_outdoors11.02.2019 23:24:17

Wow!! Great capture. I bet it was a exciting time.

Sevda Kaya (@sevdaakaya)
sevdaakaya12.02.2019 05:56:53


THE DAILY ARISE (@dailyarise)
dailyarise11.02.2019 23:15:02

Unbelievable shot! Check us out if you’re a traveler, entrepreneur, or you’re simply looking for inspiration 🌏🔥

Ashley Brite (@ashley__.rose)
ashley__.rose12.02.2019 02:09:31


Luigi Cardosi (@giankarlone86)
giankarlone8611.02.2019 23:28:14

😍😍😍😮😮beautiful shot!!!!!

Jackie Hodder (@hodderjackie)
hodderjackie11.02.2019 23:27:50


Anas Alhafi (@anas_al7afi.2002)
anas_al7afi.200211.02.2019 23:26:07

Amazing picture 🌸❤️

Makaria Lynn (@makattack_712)
makattack_71212.02.2019 01:43:32

So cool!! @redhotmenace 

Florencia Lucila Arce (@titiandme)
titiandme12.02.2019 01:32:34


Jenny Jenny Bang Bang (@teechur_lady)
teechur_lady11.02.2019 23:39:46

@emilyannehorn  😱

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