Photo by @amivitale // A wild elephant at midnight comes to a watering hole on the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy. She arrived with a herd of babies. - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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Leah (@leah.loves.animals)
leah.loves.animals10.02.2019 05:51:54

Such smart amazing animals. Thank goodness they go at night to avoid evil!!!

gaby.mims10.02.2019 02:36:14

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️ Help Preserve elephants!❤️❤️

smarq900010.02.2019 07:25:45

Let's just figure out how to 3D print whatever poachers long as no animals are harmed or exploited.

Celeste Maria (@celestemaria21)
celestemaria2110.02.2019 10:43:13


Venetia (@rooverdana)
rooverdana10.02.2019 09:33:14


Hannah B (@hannahbanang)
hannahbanang10.02.2019 08:19:55


Stefanie (@stefhoney_s)
stefhoney_s10.02.2019 07:37:02

Majestic 🙌🏼

Matěj Jiříček (@mat.jir)
mat.jir10.02.2019 06:56:56


Arun (@maybe_bold)
maybe_bold10.02.2019 04:44:38


Effie(Mandy) (@caragsmom)
caragsmom10.02.2019 04:00:35


Abhay Renjan™ (@__freebee__)
__freebee__10.02.2019 03:58:47


Sandy Bettesworth (@axtondea)
axtondea10.02.2019 14:07:04

Shoot all poachers. Try putting a bounty on their heads .. Nothing like the smell of money to get people involved!

bewajai (@bewajai)
bewajai10.02.2019 11:46:56

Old man with peace in him

William Ferguson Jr (@williamfergusonjr)
williamfergusonjr10.02.2019 05:48:08

That's a big boy! Glad there still around.

Heather Totman (@heath_totman)
heath_totman10.02.2019 23:20:05


schwabenwanderer (@schwabenwanderer)
schwabenwanderer10.02.2019 11:04:34


Lourdes Giroldi (@lourdesgiroldi)
lourdesgiroldi10.02.2019 10:27:10


Juan Andres Diaz Cassiany (@juanandica)
juanandica10.02.2019 10:13:24

Que majestuoso

S. Mckinley (@itsjusts_2013)
itsjusts_201310.02.2019 09:46:05


Camille 👑 (@luserxnt)
luserxnt10.02.2019 09:32:34


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