Photo by @bertiegregory // A brown skua patrols the massive king penguin colony at St Andrews Bay, South Georgia Island. These predatory birds fly up - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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Sventja’s🌸Journey (@s.v.e.n.t.j.a)
s.v.e.n.t.j.a16.09.2018 11:55:49


Kasun Gayantha (@kasun007)
kasun00716.09.2018 12:36:54

wow 🐧🐧🌤❄❄🌡

Lepirexxx (@irene_lepri)
irene_lepri16.09.2018 12:49:15


Art Dust & Peng (@dust_peng)
dust_peng16.09.2018 12:53:23

@_hyeriup_  다!!!!!!!

Ecra Almeida (@ecra_almeida)
ecra_almeida16.09.2018 15:11:18


Upton Store (@upton.storebr)
upton.storebr16.09.2018 15:40:36


Tom DC (@dessidicator)
dessidicator16.09.2018 17:25:24

You mean skuas are like politicians?

Sara Maggini (@sara_laura16)
sara_laura1616.09.2018 17:31:03

@marian.uc  Llévame aquí.

Florian Prinz (@flospectives)
flospectives17.09.2018 06:19:59

Crazy! 😄😄🙌

freedom fighter (@simplesexygirl)
simplesexygirl17.09.2018 19:52:50


Carolyn (@cockerline_c)
cockerline_c18.09.2018 01:27:13

Wow! How can I own a copy of this amazing picture?

Sarvesh Shah (@shahsarvesh)
shahsarvesh19.09.2018 16:54:10

Hey I'm Sarvesh, that's an amazing photo😎😊. Would you mind checking my recent post and giving a feedback. Thank you 📸📸💯✨

🇦🇹InnSbrUckPhoTogRapHeR📷 (@_the_wonder_of_nature__)
_the_wonder_of_nature__19.09.2018 18:57:30

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itz me chillu (@black__s_o_u_l)
black__s_o_u_l28.09.2018 17:14:42


Özlem Barut Terzi (@oezibarut_terzi)
oezibarut_terzi30.09.2018 20:34:04


Yhan Chávez (@yhan_dualidad)
yhan_dualidad02.10.2018 13:09:10


Jacquelynn (@lifeunsensored)
lifeunsensored05.10.2018 04:47:39

Now THATS a capture

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