Photo by @bertiegregory // A brown skua patrols the massive king penguin colony at St Andrews Bay, South Georgia Island. These predatory birds fly up - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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Krishna Rajale (@kishan_kanhaiya_krishna)
kishan_kanhaiya_krishna14.09.2018 04:24:46

I feel like one penguin will start giving a speech and other will follow and say "sieg hiel".. am I weird??

the hors1 (@jer_.naturthe)
jer_.naturthe13.09.2018 22:29:11

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Guillaume Noss (@guillaumenoss)
guillaumenoss14.09.2018 08:50:30

No words❤️❤️ just amazing ❤️. I hope see this place with this amazing wildlife!

Eric Guditz (@eguditz1997)
eguditz199714.09.2018 00:24:19

There are a couple penguins near the bottom right who have pretty long necks... Is that normal?

Ayrton Nathan Macedonio Lucana (@ayrton.ofc)
ayrton.ofc13.09.2018 21:50:14

Oh oh... here there is a problem 🐧 jajajajja

Mike Coleman (@mike_coleman74)
mike_coleman7413.09.2018 23:27:05

Bran is worging more pigeons over the army of the dead is more like it

Charlie Curtis (@torontocharlie)
torontocharlie13.09.2018 22:06:29

‘Bet ya wish you could fly hehe ya dumb walking birds’

iracelia silva (@iraceliasilvanicoliello)
iraceliasilvanicoliello13.09.2018 21:49:37

Gente que Imagem! !!!!!!!!!

Jess (@whosthatgirl_jess_)
whosthatgirl_jess_14.09.2018 06:28:03

Such a nice photo and something interesting to read. It is so sad when celebrities post a photo standing in their wardrobe or bathroom, promoting Make-up or clothes, those stuff get so much attention. It just doesn't seem right.

Sarvesh Shah (@shahsarvesh)
shahsarvesh19.09.2018 16:54:10

Hey I'm Sarvesh, that's an amazing photo😎😊. Would you mind checking my recent post and giving a feedback. Thank you 📸📸💯✨

Ile Anita (@ileana_corna_paisajista)
ileana_corna_paisajista14.09.2018 05:12:16

I know people who ressemble a lot to these skuas. I really don’t them. Nor the skuas. 😤

Ivan Kolar (@lifeofjuan_)
lifeofjuan_13.09.2018 21:52:06

@nikkotopalli  white walkers 😂

Giannis Veranis (@giannis_veranis)
giannis_veranis14.09.2018 08:03:48

@lefteris_giamouridis  @nikos_varsamis  σα να είσαι στο Μιλάνο, για όσους κατάλαβαν

behnambazargan (@behnambazargan22)
behnambazargan2215.09.2018 05:09:30

@samashams13  پرنده مورد علاقه خانم خودم

Zeig Arnik (@zeig_arnik)
zeig_arnik15.09.2018 16:49:00

One of best pic i ever seen on instagram

Sara Maggini (@sara_laura16)
sara_laura1616.09.2018 17:31:03

@marian.uc  Llévame aquí.

L A E I| A (@pomme.poire.pecheresse)
pomme.poire.pecheresse14.09.2018 09:05:33

@alexandrehellemans  t’as vu meme dans les animaux ce sont les plus sneaky qui s’en sortent le mieux. Au final c’est ce « skua » qui est le plus proche du sommet hahah

Aishwarya Mogera (@__mogs__)
__mogs__14.09.2018 07:05:56

My family 👻 @priyanka_garg__  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

💚maryam💚 (@smaryam_t)
smaryam_t14.09.2018 05:08:14

What a nature, and an interesting community of penguins 😍😍😍

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