Photo by @dguttenfelder | Reenactors don armor in preparation for close combat during the Festival of Slavs and Vikings in Wolin, Poland. #Vikings #Po - Nat Geo Image Collection (@natgeoimagecollection)
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Droner درونر (@mr__droner)
mr__droner10.02.2019 18:56:34

The vikings never been in polnad ? 🤔🤨

Spencer young (@spenceryoung2016)
spenceryoung201610.02.2019 18:51:39

This image is Mount&Blade

loooool78rhg10.02.2019 19:01:41

Very cool! I love reenactments. I didn't know about viking in Poland, but I'm pretty excited to look up the history.

stephi_madrid (@stephi_madrid)
stephi_madrid10.02.2019 18:56:31

Este si esta chevere para visitar @morado.sergio 

Michael Bumüller (@michael_bumuller)
michael_bumuller10.02.2019 21:10:44

did vikings have tattos?

Loanne Guedj (@loanne_gdj)
loanne_gdj10.02.2019 18:40:26


Rob W (@robbiephl)
robbiephl10.02.2019 19:30:59

We are the knights who say NI

Adrian Johnson (@aj_mountainman)
aj_mountainman11.02.2019 14:08:48


Sadek Arredondo (@sadokuavocado)
sadokuavocado10.02.2019 22:09:30

I really like the Byzantine armor that one dude has

Marina (@kihei2006)
kihei200610.02.2019 21:22:08

Is it just me.... but when the hell is the last season of GOT finally coming 🙈😂

Claudio Verga (@claudioverga_)
claudioverga_10.02.2019 19:05:12


Monika Makowiec (@monika.makowiec)
monika.makowiec10.02.2019 18:45:58

Poland, Polska!! ♥ 🇵🇱

Juan Romanelli (@romajpr)
romajpr11.02.2019 06:32:34


autolycos8810.02.2019 18:38:10


Ivori Countryman (@ivoricountryman)
ivoricountryman17.02.2019 17:19:55


Mersiha Skelic ( 16:36:26


Matteo (@piro__mane)
piro__mane11.02.2019 15:02:03


isuru dushan (@isuru_dushan)
isuru_dushan11.02.2019 01:58:32

Wow.. 👍👍👌

Jodi East (@nyxsoul)
nyxsoul11.02.2019 01:29:39


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