Photo by @thomaspeschak | A great white shark follows a marine biologist in a kayak off the coast of South Africa. #GreatWhiteShark #SouthAfrica #Mari - Nat Geo Image Collection (@natgeoimagecollection)
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I'm CEO (@soyunceo)
soyunceo09.02.2019 20:17:26

🎵Run away, doo doo doo doo doo dooo🎵

Brad R (@brank760)
brank76009.02.2019 20:04:55

Yikes....that moment you start to feel like a part of the food chain.....

Bec Logan (@bitsofbec)
bitsofbec09.02.2019 20:07:25

They’re gonna need a bigger boat

eralozer09.02.2019 20:11:30

What happened after ?

todoincognito09.02.2019 20:04:41


Gareth Smith (@gareth77gmstrees)
gareth77gmstrees09.02.2019 20:10:18

If that was me poo would be leaving my arse...

George T. Probst (@iphotographsharks)
iphotographsharks09.02.2019 20:08:45

This is one of those shark images that I never get tired of seeing.👍🦈

schapps8109.02.2019 20:10:24

That looks scary as hell!

CS_Photos (@c_s_photographs)
c_s_photographs09.02.2019 20:28:30

Shark attack dooo dooo dooo

Tatiana (@setytatiana)
setytatiana09.02.2019 20:18:34

Doesn't this end up really badly for the kayaker? Seriously, this photo and the video has been around for a really long time, never watched the video but I heard it ends up badly.

Alan Nicolas (@alanicolascom)
alanicolascom09.02.2019 21:16:18

@indiifk  @ericaecls  @unknown_astronaut  bora andar de caiaque?

tanrazz (@tanrazz)
tanrazz11.02.2019 03:53:54


Roberta Alberton (@bertiee83)
bertiee8309.02.2019 20:17:17

@thedons12  😬

Kim Sparkley (@kim_sparkley)
kim_sparkley10.02.2019 07:03:38

@santa_laws  nope

Andrea (@andreab13_)
andreab13_10.02.2019 19:54:14

@paulabc31  @melissa_velez01 

Melissa Lobo (@meliloboso)
meliloboso10.02.2019 04:36:11

@abrhm_13  esa adrenalina que solo puede tener un biólogo marino 😍😥

Annie (@akovatch)
akovatch10.02.2019 00:17:53

@mama_of_boyztx  @dani_texas  I’d 💩 myself

🌲🌲🌲 (@dasneuezorin)
dasneuezorin09.02.2019 20:04:21

@jasedavies76  😵

Laura Eleonore (@suehelln)
suehelln09.02.2019 21:22:33

@aurelia_mimi  😱😱😱😱

Shema Mugisha Christian 🕯 (@christian_shemamugisha)
christian_shemamugisha09.02.2019 21:32:43

@i_am_laurien  @juniorduvu7  y’all wanna go kayaking again? 😂

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