Photo by @randyolson | A Suri woman with a lip plate carries her sleeping baby in Omo Valley, Ethiopia. #Ethiopia #Family #Africa - Nat Geo Image Collection (@natgeoimagecollection)
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Ruth Paredes (@astraldharma)
astraldharma06.02.2019 21:16:54

Be respectful and mindful of other people's culture, to mock it only shows your ignorance

Elena Cacòpardo (@elenacacopardo)
elenacacopardo06.02.2019 21:15:32

From Fat Ring: To an outsider, a lip plate may be viewed as a form of body mutilation rather than body art but to a Mursi or Suri woman, it is an expression of female maturity and a sign that she has reached child-bearing age.

It is also a distinguishing trait that ensures she is not mistaken for a member of neighboring rival tribes who either do not pierce their lips (Kwegu tribe) or only wear small plugs inserted into their lower lips (Bodi tribe). Although labial plates were also traditonally worn by Suya men of Brazil, Sara women of Chad, the Makonde of Mozambique, and the Botocudo of coastal Brazil (quite a mouthful, even without a lip plate), the only tribes that still follow this tradition are the Mursi and Suri tribes of Ethiopia.

N i c h o l a s (@fishkyjelly)
fishkyjelly06.02.2019 21:08:12

Eating must be.... difficult.

Beza 🌱ቤዛ (@beza_ayal)
beza_ayal06.02.2019 21:42:20

My heart goes out to this mom💞looking at the keloid on her shoulder & scars on face & back, I wonder what she had to go through, sacrifice & endure to survive💔... how the baby strap looks painfully tight against her shoulder... while her baby sleeps peacefully 💓it’s the ultimate #motherhood  pic 💕this is my country 🇪🇹 and those plates are a sign of beauty in her tribal cultures & traditions ... ❤️

Mehrzad Shaker (@mehrzad_pg)
mehrzad_pg06.02.2019 21:07:03

What makes a human to give in to these kind of tradition?

Crystal (@czaleigh)
czaleigh06.02.2019 21:13:08

To all y'all with the lip plate jokes, fuck you. Who are you exactly to make fun of others? Oh right, basic bitches.

The Art Of Cosplay (@karishma_cosplay)
karishma_cosplay06.02.2019 21:49:19

To everyone who is justifying self harm and disfiguration because it's 'culture', just remember that a few hundred years ago slavery was culture too. Going to justify that as well?

Gilbert (@oilman48)
oilman4806.02.2019 21:03:34

What’s the purpose of the lip plate

Hassie Betz (@rbetz11)
rbetz1106.02.2019 21:04:28

Beautiful little baby

Jazmin Lopez (@jazminglopez)
jazminglopez06.02.2019 21:06:14

Wooow I love that I’m able to learn about other cultures thro your photos! 🤯

Serdar Boran (@facetoface070)
facetoface07006.02.2019 21:10:11

Why are they torturing themselves:(tradition?

bonnie____6806.02.2019 21:10:24

Lets forget the lip for a minute....her shoulder with the weight 😧😧😢

Susan Cunningham (@suzicphilly)
suzicphilly06.02.2019 21:15:05

How beautiful is that baby...looks like he's smiling. 😊💕

trohS nosaM (@boneless_pickle)
boneless_pickle06.02.2019 22:06:37

I feel like this would be a daily inconvenience that would be very difficult to live with, I respect cultures, but I don’t respect traditions of any sort that would ail a human’s capabilities to handle everyday situations with ease, like talking, eating, and drinking...

Willhaid Liyai Ryan (@liyai13)
liyai1306.02.2019 23:05:54

So if other people make huge holes in their ears and stick big rings its fashion but a woman somewhere in Kenya's Omo Valley, embracing her culture is torture?...double standards....stop the bullshit . #proudlycultured 

Darcy Spence (@spencedarcy)
spencedarcy06.02.2019 21:09:49

Is there a functioning purpose for the lip plate or is it aesthetic ?

Richard Bishop (@richard.m.bishop)
richard.m.bishop06.02.2019 21:06:26

That poor baby is gonna get its lip stretched out too😢

Candace💕 (@tht_girl_candy)
tht_girl_candy07.02.2019 00:42:15

Smh you white ppl exploit my ancestors culture and make fun of them. She is beautiful and it is apart of her culture. At least she has a culture can’t say the same thing about you white people.

Gracie Scerbo (@gracie.scerbo)
gracie.scerbo06.02.2019 23:33:24

Everyone please don’t make fun of this beautiful woman. The lip jokes aren’t funny. It’s their culture and traditions. It’s not weird or funny because it’s their way of life. All of us have a tradition or culture and its normal to us. It wouldn’t be funny if we were mocked or teased for our way of life. Please just don’t be disrespectful. This is why the world is messed up... because nobody accepts people and what they do.

xxrabina9306.02.2019 21:11:00

Wow that must be painful.. but why the lip plate??

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