Photo by Nora Lorek @noralorek | Three years ago the area in northwestern Uganda containing the Bidibidi settlement was a forest. Now it’s a makeshift - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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✴✶🔥𝓑𝓐𝓛𝓐 𝓥𝓘𝓖𝓝𝓔𝓢𝓗 🔥✶✴ (@smiling._.killer)
smiling._.killer12.05.2019 07:23:04


Fawwaz Johari (@fawwazjohari)
fawwazjohari12.05.2019 06:38:12

At first, I thought, the man was hanged 😂

COWBOY TANAKA (@a1exander_qb)
a1exander_qb12.05.2019 08:47:29

Looked like he got hung but he's just leaning on a pole 😆

Ali (@calm_passenger)
calm_passenger12.05.2019 06:41:45

Hanged? 😢

mary freeman (@freeman3352)
freeman335212.05.2019 12:56:43

What’s going on?
The guy standing up, or kind of, looks like he has just been lynched. Wait s minute what?

ɪᴀᴍ_ɢᴏᴅᴡɪɴ_ᴊʀ (@godwin_jr_47)
godwin_jr_4712.05.2019 07:12:39

Jesus loves you❤️

Philamean Grey (@philamean)
philamean12.05.2019 12:48:02


Andrew Michael (@drewcifer.the.beast)
drewcifer.the.beast12.05.2019 09:52:13

Thought that person was hanging for a second hes just leaning on the tree limb

Vandy (@forthecurious)
forthecurious12.05.2019 08:50:04


Susan Nezami (@sunami999)
sunami99912.05.2019 07:11:38

When life gives you lemons, build a makeshift city and sell lemonade? ☹

Mr. AJAY (@ajay_up52)
ajay_up5212.05.2019 06:59:54


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Thomas Love (@t.love10)
t.love1012.05.2019 07:31:19

I thought this man was hanging! Took me about 10 minutes to figure it out 😅

イムMリ_尺d ~99 (@fatma_abdalsalm)
fatma_abdalsalm12.05.2019 11:45:52


maria batista (@mariabatista3852)
mariabatista385212.05.2019 10:10:01


عباس سلام (@p.yl_)
p.yl_12.05.2019 11:28:52


陳俞潔 (@yujie6962)
yujie696212.05.2019 10:49:40


Rtfst (@rtfst7)
rtfst712.05.2019 10:27:16


Kennedy Hara (@harakenned62)
harakenned6212.05.2019 07:39:31

Real africa

Jake Gargiulo (جيك) (@sydneyphotography2019)
sydneyphotography201912.05.2019 07:12:12


✈ آژانس آسمان سپید ✈ (
asemansepid.agency12.05.2019 07:08:19


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