Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid | This is the extraordinary Katie Rowe communicating with an orphan baby elephant. Without its mother, orph - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Ümit Ülkü (@ulku.umit)
ulku.umit11.02.2019 18:28:51

@natgeo  seviyorum.👍

Alex (@immigrant1975)
immigrant197511.02.2019 18:21:57

We must save our nature for our children...🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

andrew strong (@vagrant_nomads)
vagrant_nomads11.02.2019 18:33:18

Really admire the work these people do

Teresa (@tereskytaban)
tereskytaban11.02.2019 18:34:17

To connect in this way with such a beautiful creature is incredible ❤️!

Kelly Pietan (@klpietan06)
klpietan0611.02.2019 18:33:04

So amazing!! Grateful for these wonderful organizations and people!💙💙

Sahar Adatia (@sahar_adatia)
sahar_adatia11.02.2019 20:16:00

What a story. To be able to connect with an orphan elephant in this way is both remarkable and beautiful 💕

Marie (@marie8791)
marie879111.02.2019 18:25:49

Blessings for Katie and all who protect and give aid. Thank you

Nicole L (@luna_treks)
luna_treks11.02.2019 18:57:09

@grecia_cee  Im back at it 😘 But this story is SO precious 💖 And the work these lovely human are doing is uplifting 💘

𝔸𝕟𝕚(𝕜𝕠) (@x_wandergirl_x)
x_wandergirl_x11.02.2019 18:25:32

Great work 💛 lot's of love for the savior of the orphan babies!🙏🏼

Shera (@sheramarie18)
sheramarie1812.02.2019 02:40:50

@melindar0se  @__bellad__  ❤️ This is beautiful 🐘 ❤️

broadiie11.02.2019 21:25:25

@moonangeldust  I know you saw this! ALL I WANT TO DO NOW is blow into a baby elephants trunk and take care of it forever. Is this somewhere we could visit in Africa?

Antonella Murgolo (@1zerozen7)
1zerozen711.02.2019 22:47:32

@blondesalad_  preparati a vedere cosi @__swenn__ 

Alina Peet (@alina.peet)
alina.peet11.02.2019 23:02:25

@johnnysniper10  This is so beautiful! I would love to have an experience like this

Nicolas Yemeliaris (@nyeme)
nyeme11.02.2019 18:22:32


Kimberly Kyle Hall (@kimberlykyleh)
kimberlykyleh11.02.2019 21:53:31

@abhiart  did you know this!!? 🐘 💙

bumblingbaileyb11.02.2019 21:15:07

@daisyeflower  omg omg 😱♥️

Govi Tyler (@govityler)
govityler11.02.2019 18:24:26

@amalie.h  read the caption 😍😍😍

Nikki Dore (@niklouise86)
niklouise8611.02.2019 18:21:59

@hollylauraj_sw  😍❤️💕

allyson (@allyzonnn)
allyzonnn12.02.2019 17:55:52

@mollydust  ❤️

maria (@innu.v)
innu.v11.02.2019 18:40:28


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