Photo by @dzalcman | I'm back on the road to continue work on @signsofyouridentity, an ongoing project on the legacy of coercive assimilation educatio - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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David Chancellor (@chancellordavid)
chancellordavid11.02.2019 23:34:20


kathryn o'niell (@kathrynoniell)
kathrynoniell11.02.2019 15:39:47

School teacher that works hard to teach the true history . Thank you for this project I will share. 💕

Susy Busse (@susybusse)
susybusse11.02.2019 14:34:42

Another horrible thing we did to the American Indians.

©️Saeid Soltanian (@saeid_bw)
saeid_bw11.02.2019 13:28:45

Great bw

Copperfield (@black_bleue_flo)
black_bleue_flo11.02.2019 13:31:48

Great photomontage ♥️

Photography by Cosmin Andrei (@ig_andreicosmin)
ig_andreicosmin11.02.2019 13:28:53

I really like it 👍

🔵⚫MOEIN🔵⚫莫因 (@moein_h.h)
moein_h.h11.02.2019 13:28:48


Yacine Boufersaoui (@yacine_christo)
yacine_christo11.02.2019 13:28:44


SA H IR Sahii (@mr_sahii)
mr_sahii11.02.2019 13:28:26


cbudasma dhruvrajsinh charel (@mr_dhruvrajsinh99)
mr_dhruvrajsinh9911.02.2019 13:28:17


رندان نو (@rndnnw)
rndnnw12.02.2019 03:41:49

@sabah_gazi  چقدر شبیه مامانته

🇰🇼🇸🇾الابرزي (@0idg)
0idg11.02.2019 13:28:47


cbudasma dhruvrajsinh charel (@mr_dhruvrajsinh99)
mr_dhruvrajsinh9911.02.2019 13:28:33


Ruteng 🇮🇩 (@ronalddjeer)
ronalddjeer11.02.2019 13:38:16

@queenfireworks  mirip😀

Margarita Mendoza (@margmend4)
margmend411.02.2019 15:51:08

I am deeply sorry for all the pain , suffering and destruction that the stupidity of many create in your amazing ancestors ,, SORRY ❤️🙏🏼😢but all will arise again 🙂

ChristinaJohnson (@chdmristi)
chdmristi11.02.2019 15:23:16

What a cool capture.

¿Qué Ver En Santiago De Chile? (@qverensantiago)
qverensantiago11.02.2019 13:32:18


Karl Erwin Romero (@karrrrrrrtttt)
karrrrrrrtttt11.02.2019 13:32:12

Beautiful 💕

roadstotravel11.02.2019 13:31:12

Such a dope📷

Our Next Voyage🌍✈️🍽📷❤️ (@ournextvoyage)
ournextvoyage11.02.2019 13:30:39

Great 🙌

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