Photo by @jasperdoest | The Japanese crane (Grus japonensis), also known as the red-crowned crane, is sacred and seen as a symbol of fidelity, good lu - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Emin Yogurtcuoglu (@birddetective)
birddetective11.02.2019 08:37:02

These are Red-crowned cranes of Japan with Palestinian kids description. I knew one day all world becomes one with peaceful messages. Thank you birds for doing that. 😍

Dull Life (@thedullifeaquatic)
thedullifeaquatic11.02.2019 08:26:16

Love your work guys but someone got this one wrong....

K.H. (@customjefe)
customjefe11.02.2019 08:24:32

I think this caption is wrong for this picture?

Henry St. Pierre (@henrysebby)
henrysebby11.02.2019 08:38:05

those recycled tires and mud looks like birds 🧐🤔

Clark (@robtheburglar)
robtheburglar11.02.2019 08:56:36

Makes sense to me. That’s where my mind was when I was in school

James Yang Yong Cong (@james.yangyongcong)
james.yangyongcong11.02.2019 09:25:28

That student looks suspiciously like painted cranes...

erin.k.m11.02.2019 08:27:41

That seems like a picture of birds...

Patrick Pokana (@ppokana)
ppokana11.02.2019 08:47:59

I can see the village. Really nice 😉

Justine Taroewidjaja (@justinetaroewidjaja)
justinetaroewidjaja11.02.2019 09:28:11

The students there have got really long legs, for sure! 😁😁😁

joris delphin (@fatbiketravel)
fatbiketravel11.02.2019 09:25:45

Where is Charlie?

MT_FRAME (@photographmt)
photographmt11.02.2019 08:30:47

Oops...I think we have a problem?Caption is different to the photo. Looks like a negative of birds...not a school or is my feed different to everybody else’s?? 🤔

Kai R (@iwanderings)
iwanderings11.02.2019 08:24:48

@natgeo  wrong picture posted? Doesn't seem to match the caption

rutvi_zala_ (@rutvi_zala_)
rutvi_zala_11.02.2019 08:25:13


Jack Journey (@travelsolohan)
travelsolohan11.02.2019 08:23:40

Interesting 🤔

لولو كشخة (@ipi_20)
ipi_2011.02.2019 08:23:25


faribahakkak (@faribahakkak33)
faribahakkak3311.02.2019 08:48:35


Deanna Ren (@this.much)
this.much11.02.2019 19:36:06

Pretty sure “the Orient” is an outdated white imperialist term. “Asia” works just fine.

Living Destinations (@living_destinations)
living_destinations11.02.2019 09:11:27


photographer (@mhmd_maghs0di)
mhmd_maghs0di11.02.2019 08:39:27


Ritsuko  Miyake (
ritsukomiyake.art11.02.2019 08:30:22


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